Halestorm – “Halestorm” (2009) (Limited Edition)


Label : Atlantic Records

Review By Tony Cannella

From Pennsylvania, Halestorm are the band fronted by vocalist/guitarist Lzzy Hale. Their debut release was issued in 2009 via Atlantic Records and the style one can expect on the CD is catchy, hook-laden hard rock with attitude. Halestorm begins with a couple of songs that show off the bands gritty, hard rock style, “It’s Not You” and “I Get Off” get things off to a rocking good start. The third track, “Bet U Wish U Had Me Back” has radio hit written all over it, thanks to its slower, more sensitive tempo. “Better Sorry than Safe” is another mid-tempo number that I could definitely see making some noise on the radio. “Dirty Work” became a favorite and is one the heaviest tracks on offer. “Nothing to Do With Love” brings the CD to a bombastic conclusion. Other highlights include: “Innocence”, “Familiar Taste of Poison” and “What Were You Expecting”. “Halestorm” also comes as a limited edition featuring three bonus songs which are well worth having. “Halestorm” also features some pretty good guitar work – nothing too intricate – but it is still solid and works well in conjunction with the vocals put forth by Lzzy Hale. After listening to “Halestorm” it is beyond me how this band hasn’t become hugely successful. Halestorm are definitely a band that has the ability to garner commercial appeal, their debut is as good as anything on the radio these days.

Rating – 90/100



  1. It’s Not You
  2. I Get Off
  3. Bet U Wish U Had Me Back
  4. Innocence
  5. Familiar Taste of Poison
  6. I’m Not An Angel
  7. What Were You Expecting
  8. Love/Hate Heartbreak
  9. Better Sorry than Safe
  10. Dirty Work
  11. Nothing to Do with Love
  12. Tell Me Where It Hurts (Bonus)
  13. Conversation Over (Bonus)
  14. Dirty Mind (Bonus)


Line Up

  • Lzzy Hale – Vocals & Guitars
  • Joe Storm – Guitars & Vocals
  • Josh Storm – Bass  & Vocals
  • Arejay – Drums 



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