Label : Metal Blade Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Originally released in 2006 – and re-issued in 2010 by Metal Blade – “The Locust Years” was the third album from San Francisco’s avant-garde/prog metallers Hammers of Misfortune. These series of re-issues continues to be a treat for fans that may have (sadly) missed out on these excellent releases the first time around. As with their previous two releases, Hammers of Misfortune do a great job in mixing complex and adventurous material with more straight forward metal songs. The 7-minute “The Locust Years” gets things off to a pounding metal start. “We Are the Widows” starts off with piano and the female vocals take over as the track gets heavier, but maintains a steady mid-tempo pace. “Trot out the Dead” quickly became a huge highlight for me, thanks to the tempo and mood changes to go along with the male/female vocal duo at work here. Other highlights include: “Famine’s Lamp”, “War Anthem” and “Widow’s Wall”. On their third album, Hammers of Misfortune continue with their march to excellence, and deliver a masterpiece of complex music and thoughtful, insightful lyrics.

Rating – 90/100



  1. The Locust Years
  2. We Are the Widows
  3. Trot Out the Dead
  4. Famine’s Lamp
  5. Chastity Rides
  6. War Anthem
  7. Election Day
  8. Widow’s Wall
  9. Church of Broken Glass (Bonus Track)


Line Up

  • Jamie Myers – Vocals, bass
  • Mike Scalzi – Vocals, guitar
  • Sigrid Sheie – Acoustic & electric piano, Hammond B3, backing vocals
  • John Cobbett – Electric, lead & acoustic guitars
  • Chewy Marzolo – Drums



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