Headshot – “Syncronicity” (2011)


Label : Firefield Music

Review by Luisa Mercier

Headshot play plain German thrash metal since mid ’90s and now have released their fifth record. “Synchronicity” is the first record with Daniela Karrer on vocals, but do not expect anything angelic from her. “Fallen from Grace” is an example of how her very harsh vocals work, they almost are growl, while fast and violent riffs are the main structure of the song, as traditional thrash metal requires. There’s more groove in “Hell Remains” and a little variation in speed, though it’s always more on the fast side than on the slow one. Very short is “In Silence” but it will leave you short of breath. There is no break or pause, only violence, harshness and hyper fast guitar riffs and solo. Classic thrashy piece. More diverse is “Intensify My Fear” where guitar is the main actor and delivers us a series of technical parts, very interesting to listen to. Maybe someone could find them boring, but are a nice break from all the previous aggressiveness.. The title-track is an epic 10 minute track which alternates thrash moments to more atmpspheric ones, you can even hear an acoustic guitar at the beginning. The overall mood is quite gloomy anyway. The following “State of the Art” and “Falling Off the Edge of the World” are quite similar in structure, they haven’t got many surprised and maybe may bore the ones who do not love this kind of extreme sounding metal. “Agony of Sickness” is introducted by a nice Middle Eastern melody which will reapper during the song as guitar riffs. The song is quite epic too and has some anthemic choruses in the choir. The closing track “Control Denied” is another fast paced thrash metal song, which will appeal all the headbangers out there.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Fallen from Grace
  2. Hell Remains
  3. In Silence
  4. Intensify My Fear
  5. Syncronicity
  6. State of Art
  7. Sanctuary
  8. Falling Off the Edge of the World
  9. Agony of Sickness
  10. Control Denied


Line Up

  • Daniela Karrer – Vocals
  • Henrill Osterloh – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
  • Olaf Danneberg – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
  • Till Hartmann – Drums



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