Hexvessel – “No Holier Temple” (2012)


Label : Svart Records

Review by Luisa Mercier

The Finnish folk/psychedelic band is back with their second album and what first stroke me the most is the wonderful cover artwork. I strongly suggest to take a look, since it is a beautiful metaphor of how our body is a temple and it is intimately connected to nature around us. A true cult of nature. Musically speaking, Hexvessel explores all the sides of folk and psychedelic music with a lot of different influences. “Heaven and Earth Magic” is the hypnotic intro, acoustic-based with spoken words that lead to the first single “Woods to Conjure”, a track that reveals the amount of inspirations from which tha band draws. There is psychedelic rock, there is jazz, horns and different instruments that create the misty images of woods and grass. “Wilderness Is” is another short acoustic interlude with guitar and piano, openining for “A Letter in Birch Bark”, another song displaying Hexvessel influences, in which Mat almost spoken vocals are mixed to those of the sweet Marja. “His Portal Tomb” is one of the longest tracks on the album and really the band work shines here. Doomish mood mixes with psychedelic music reminding Pink Floyd and the same can be told for “Unseen Sun”. They sum up what this album is about. My personal favourite is “Sacred Marriage”, opened by beautiful strings, followed by acoustic guitars and psychedelic riffs. “No Holier Temple” is a fascinating release, if you love mixed styles, melancholic yet lisergic atmosphere, this album is perfect you.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Heaven and Earth Magic
  2. Woods to Conjure
  3. A Letter in Birch Bark
  4. Elegy to Goyahkla
  5. His Portal Tomb
  6. Are You Coniferous
  7. Sacred Marriage
  8. Dues to Dolmen
  9. Unseen Sun
  10. Your Head Is Reeling


Line Up

  • Mat McNerney – Vocals & guitar
  • Marja – Additional Vocals & percussion
  • Vesa – Guitars
  • Simo – Guitars
  • Niini – Bass
  • Jussi – Organs & Samples
  • Kimmo – Violin 
  • Jukka – Drums



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