Hollywood Groupies – “Punched by Million, Hit by None” (2011)


Label : Nomadism Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Now for something just a little bit different. Hollywood Groupies is a Female Fronted glam metal band from Italy. On their debut album “Punched by Millions, Hit by None” fans can expect 30-minutes and 9-songs worth of hard driving, relentless music that boasts a mish-mash of different styles, from glam to punk to metal. Hanoi Rocks meets Motorhead is how I would describe them. With a playing time of only 30-minutes, there is simply no time to rest or catch your breath. From the opener “Babylon Hotel”, Hollywood Groupies comes out the starting gates all full of attitude and swagger, with vocalist Foxy Deville sounding almost like a female version of Vince Neil. Given the relatively short playing time on “Punched by Millions, Hit by None” don’t expect anything epic. Following the rip-roaring opening track the band follow that up with the, oh so subtle “Pretty Bitch”. Hollywood Groupies has definitely brought their brand of rock n’ roll back to basics, as can be heard on the songs “High Voltage Electric King”, “Crucified Love” and “Swallow This”. Whether you like this sort of thing or you don’t (and I’m guessing that reviews will be mixed), there is no denying the ferocity in which Hollywood Groupies plies their craft.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Babylon Hotel
  2. Pretty Bitch
  3. High Voltage Electric King
  4. Crucified Love
  5. Thru the Fire
  6. Good Girls Overload
  7. Destroyer Commando
  8. Swallow This
  9. Carcrash 666 (Raw Version)


Line Up

  • Foxy Deville – Vocals
  • Kelly McCoy – Guitar
  • Condor – Bass
  • Ace – Drums



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