Holy Roman Empire – “The Longue Durée” (2007)


Label : Hewhocorrupts Inc.

Review by John Davies

This band labels themselves as rock/punk/indie on their MySpace site but I would be more inclined to call them indie progressive.There is far too much sophistication here to call them punk.This Chicago, Illinois band has compiled a great collection of super catchy tunes with a solid hard rock edge, and super clear vocals with lots of power. Every song is laced with great hooks that just grab you and won’t let go. Vocalist Emily Schambra also writes the lyrics, which are nothing short of brilliant poetry. The vocals and the guitar riffs are always so complimentary to each other, even though they are on completely different melodies. All the punches just work perfectly together. And there are lots of punches, with the guitars slamming in with gripping rhythms at just the right moments. The two guitarists are almost always playing different parts from each other, adding so much detail to the songs. Emily‘s vocals have an interesting quality that adds an element of intrigue to the songs. I must say I really like her voice. She has lots of punch and a good range.The entire album is bursting with energy and melodies to die for, so if you need a good pick me up, grab this album and go nuts. I’m really crazy about this band, and they’re great if you want to get away from the abundance of gothic, symphonic style bands that seem to be multiplying like rabbits, and listen to some really fun, supercharged indie rock for a change. I would also recommend their previous six track EP called “Lost in Landscapes”, for more of the same great stuff. I have to warn you though, once you hear the song “Call the Guards Off”, the catchy chorus will be stuck in your head forever. It’s been embedded in my brain for months!

Rating – 90/100



  1. Underderving You
  2. The Ace
  3. Hail Mary
  4. Our Whole Lives Waiting
  5. Shatter Historic
  6. Olympus
  7. Mute Hearts
  8. Action Figures
  9. Take It Outside
  10. Fire Drill
  11. Vigarious Haunting


Line Up

  • Emily Schambra – Vocals
  • Neeraj Kane – Guitars
  • Jay Jancetic – Guitars
  • Tony Tintari – Drums 




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