HolyHell – “HolyHell” (2009)


Label : Magic Circle Music

Review By Tony Cannella

In 2007 the New York based band HolyHell released their excellent debut 4-song EP “Apocalypse” via Manowar’s label Magic Circle Music, after a two year wait, they have finally issued their first self-titled full-length. Featuring 13-songs and 70-minutes worth of music “HolyHell” is packed to capacity with classy symphonic metal songs and the stellar vocals of Maria Breon, in addition to that HolyHell is the perfect showcase for veteran guitar virtuoso Joe Stump. It has all the ingredients for being a solid metal masterpiece. Is it successful? In my opinion, it is mostly a resounding yes. “Wings of Light”kicks this long metal opus into high gear and what a great opener it is, definitely a great initiation to this band if this is your introduction to them. Great guitar work from Joe Stump and the strong vocals of Maria Breon are the driving forces of the song.“Prophecy”is next and continues in the right direction. The songs are loaded with melody and intricate arrangements. It would be very easy to see these songs being played with an orchestra. “Revelation”and “Eclipse” keeps things moving along at a good pace, before the “The Fall”slows things down a bit (in tempo, not quality – this ballad is actually quite good.). It would be impossible to list all of the strong points on this CD, but suffice it to say “HolyHell”has many strengths and few weaknesses. Other highlights include: “Holy Water”, “Mephisto” and the closing number “Armageddon”. The best song, in my opinion is the dramatic “Angel of Darkness”. Also, for fans who were unable to attain their first EP (I’m not sure how limited it’s distribution was), three of the four songs from “Apocalypse” are included here. After two years, I would have to say that “HolyHell” was worth the wait. If I didn’t know better, I would think they were a European metal band, their sound and songwriting has a definite European flair to it. “HolyHell” is a metal tour de force that never fails to impress.

Rating: 85/100



  1. Wings of Light
  2. Prophecy
  3. Revelation
  4. Eclipse
  5. The Fall
  6. Angel of Darkness
  7. Holy Water
  8. Mephisto
  9. Gates of Hell
  10. Resurrection
  11. Last Vision
  12. Apocalypse
  13. Armageddon


Line Up 

  • Maria Breon – Vocals
  • Joe Stump – Guitars
  • Francisco Palomo – Keyboards
  • Jay Rigney – Bass
  • Kenny Earl “Rhino” Edwards – Drums



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