Hydria – “Poison Paradise” (2010)


Independent Release

Review By Tony Cannella

Hydria is a Symphonic Metal combo from Brazil.  The band released their debut “Mirror of Tears” in 2008 and has now returned to preach the Sympho-Metal gospel with their independently released sophomore effort “Poison Paradise”. Unfortunately “Mirror of Life” came and went and managed to slip by pretty much unnoticed. Thankfully, that hasn’t deterred the members of Hydria as they have returned as a meaner and leaner beast on “Poison Paradise”. The opener “Time of My Life” really manages to grab the listener’s attention. This track is just a great burst of power and features the smooth-as-silk vocals of Raquel Schüler in combination with the extreme style of Marcelo Oliviero. The next track “The Place Where We Belong” is my favorite track and it raises things up a few notches. Raquel delivers some more stellar vocal work on this one, combined with blasts of heaviness and a killer melody makes this an absolute highlight, just pure metal brilliance on this one. “Whisper” continues things enthusiastically and again without sounding redundant, Hydria continues to incorporate tons of melody without sacrificing any heaviness. Songs like: “Finally”, “Sweet Dead Innocence” and the beautiful closing ballad “The Only One” are perfect examples of Hydria are capable of. In vocalist Raquel Schüler, Hydria has a talented front lady that is sure leave fans quite impressed. For those who enjoyed their sadly overlooked debut, than “Poison Paradise” will be a feast for the ears and for fans that are always on the look-out for new Symphonic Metal bands to support, I urge you to cast your lot behind this excellent Brazilian band.

Rating – 95/100



  1. Time of My Life
  2. The Place Where We Belong
  3. Whisper
  4. When You Call My Name
  5. Finally
  6. Prelude
  7. Distant Melody
  8. The Sword
  9. Queen of Rain
  10. Sweet Dead Innocence
  11. Poison Paradise
  12. In the Edge of Sanity
  13. The Only One


Line Up

  • Raquel Schüler – Vocals
  • Marcelo Oliviero – Guitar & Grunts
  • Márcio Klimberg – Keyboards
  • Turu Henrick – Bass



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