Label : Underground Symphony Records

Review by Tony Cannella

From Italy, the symphonic power metal band Hypersonic was formed around 2006 and released their first EP in 2008. The band has now returned with their full-length debut “Fallen Melodies” via Underground Symphony. “Fallen Melodies” demonstrates Hypersonic’s talent for writing good, melodic, power metal songs that are both powerful and uplifting. The orchestral, movie soundtrack like intro “The Last Apocalypse” sets the stage and leads us into the up-tempo “My Spirit Free” which is a good indicator of what Hypersonic has to offer on their 47-minute debut. Vocalist Alessia Rapisarda’s vocals soar over the melodically inclined music that the rest of the band members contribute. “Rebirth” begins with a nice piano opening, before the band joins in and the transcends into another up-tempo, melodic song. The majority of the music is up-tempo, energetic and melodic. Highlights include: “Winter Melodies”, “Wheels of Fire”, “A Lovely Creature”, “Atlantis Treasure” and the excellent closer “Diamond Hope”. It seems redundant to say that this is another cool band to come ‘from Italy’, but the proof is in the material provided on “Fallen Melodies”. Hypersonic is ANOTHER cool band to come ‘from Italy’, but good music is good music no matter what country or region of the world the band originates in, and “Fallen Melodies” is a just a good high powered metal album.

Rating – 78/100



  1. The Last Apocalypse
  2. My Spirit Free
  3. Rebirth
  4. Winter Melodies
  5. Wheels of Fire
  6. A Lovely Creature
  7. A Beautiful Dream
  8. Heaven
  9. Atlantis Treasure
  10. Diamond Hope 


Line Up

  • Alessia Rapisarda – Vocals
  • Emanuele Gangemi – Guitar
  • Dario Caruso – Keyboards
  • Francesco Caruso – Bass
  • Salvo Grasso – Drums



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