Hypnotic Waltz – “Anime Insane” DEMO (2008)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

From Italy, Hypnotic Waltz formed in 2006, and now present their first demo titled, “Anime Insane”. The band meld various styles of metal – Progressive, Classical, Folk and Power Metal influences are all presented here, on their 2-song demo. Sandra Spano’ is their vocalist and she has an operatic style to go along with the intricate and diverse music that is being performed.This debut features a playing time of only about 11-minutes, and the sound quality is not the best – but it still gives an indication of what Hypnotic Waltz are capable of. The first track, “Oriental” has an oriental influence to it (naturally) and right away the band displays their eclectic musical influences and the operatic vocals of Sandra are a highlight. The next – and last track, “Tango” continues in a similar vein to the previous one, Although this track starts off with a slow tempo, it quickly speeds up and the guitars are maybe more pronounced on this one. Their music also has a big orchestral feel to it. Hypnotic Waltz are currently working on their first album, which should – hopefully – see the light-of-day in the next few months. “Anime Insane” is a good demo and it has me very curious for more from this young, Italian band. Looking forward to their full-length debut.

Rating – 78/100



  1. Oriental
  2. Tango


Line Up

  • Sandra Spanò – Vocals
  • Donatello Solazzi – Guitars
  • Enzo Torrano – Keyboards
  • Domenico Pompilio – Transverse Flute
  • Edoardo Miglionico – Bass 
  • Giuseppe Cerabona – Drums  



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