In Silentio Noctis – “Through Fragments of Christianity” (2010)


Label : My Kingdom Music 

Review by Tony Cannella

Finland’s In Silentio Noctis have been in existence since 2006. With their debut effort, “Through Fragments of Christianity”, these Finns show off their brand of very intense symphonic Black Metal. The band are fronted by Armi Päivinen and although the accompanying music is definitely in the Black Metal area, her style of singing is a lot more clear and clean sounding than your average Black Metal vocalist – there is also no denying the power and range that this woman possesses with her voice. Fans who have already been familiar with In Silentio Noctis I’m sure are aware that the band put out a 3-song demo in 2007 titled “Symphonies of Death”. Those three songs appear on “Through Fragments of Christianity”, they are “From Beyond”, “Funereal Verses” and “Portrait of a Devil”. The CD begins with the 3-minute horror movie inspired intro track “Blood of the Sacred…”. Definitely a big symphony vibe is on display here before segueing into the ultra fierce “Libre Satanas”. Upon first listen, this song really caught me off guard. It opens with some very dark, heavy music and when Armi‘s vocals come in, you immediately notice the stark contrast between her vocals and the music. That is one of the things that I really loved about this CD and one of the definite strengths of the band, in my opinion. The next track “From Beyond” offers no respite. Definitely, one of the better tracks offered up here. Track three “Divinity” brings the heaviness and aggression up a notch, before it settles into a mid-tempo groove, but there are so many tempo and mood changes in this song that it is possible to pick out new bits that you might have missed every time you hear it. Other highlights include: “Advocatus Diaboli”, “Cursed” and the closing two tracks “Sinner’s Lament” and “Signum Crucis” bring this opus to mesmerizing conclusion. “Through Fragments of Destiny” is a powerful debut from In Silentio Noctis. The CD is heavy and ferocious while still managing to be melodic and – at times – quite beautiful and artistic. In Silentio Noctis are a band that can definitely appeal to die-hards and casual BM fans. Quite simply, “Through Fragments of Christianity” gets better and better with each listen

Rating – 90/100



  1. Blood of the Sacred…
  2. Libre Satanas
  3. From Beyond
  4. Divinity
  5. Advocatus Diaboli
  6. Funereal Verses
  7. Addiction
  8. Portrait of a Devil
  9. …Blood of the Damned
  10. Cursed
  11. Sinner’s Lament
  12. Signum Crucis


Line Up

  • Armi Päivinen – Vocals
  • Elias Vihma – Guitars
  • Toni Taskinen – Guitars
  • Kim Suikkanen – Bass
  • Rainer Tuomikanto – Drums (Session)



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