In This Pain – “Bloody Tears” DEMO (2010)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

In This Pain is a Female fronted Gothic/atmospheric metal band from Italy.  They have just released their 8-song, 37-minute debut demo titled, “Bloody Tears”. For a first effort, In This Pain has recorded a pretty impressive demo, both in song and sound quality. After viewing the album art work and song titles, for some reason I had an idea that In This Pain would be a little more aggressive and brutal than I actually found them to be.  I was pleasantly surprised by the pacing of the songs, the atmospheric nature and the melodicism that is present throughout the 8-songs. That is not to say that “Bloody Tears” doesn’t have its moments of metal mayhem and powerful guitar riffs – it has plenty of those. The sinister sounding intro “Dance in the Darkness” segues perfectly into “Alone in the Dark” a song with plenty of ambiance and a strong opener. “Only Dust”, the great “Requiem” (this song has a “Elegy” by Leaves’ Eyes vibe to it) and “Zombies” are up next and really keep the energy level going.  In This Pain close out this strong demo, with the over 7-minute track “Bloody Tears”, which turns out to be a strong way to end things, as the song gallops to a forceful conclusion. After listening to In This Pain’s “Bloody Tears”, the end result is very satisfying for this cool band from Italy.

Rating – 78/100



  1. Dance in the Darkness – Intro
  2. Alone in the Dark
  3. Only Dust
  4. Requiem
  5. Zombie
  6. Leave Me Alone
  7. Everything Ends (After Death)
  8. Bloody Tears


Line Up 

  • Keys – Vocals
  • Alek – Guitar
  • Lukk – Bass
  • Vik – Drums



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