Indie Zone Reviews : Delta Rae – “Carry the Fire” (2012)


Label : Sire/Warner Music

Review by Luisa Mercier

I have to admit I am not that much into this kind of American blues/folk tinged rock, so I approached this record being a little bit cold. Gladly I had to change my mind quite soon, since the first track. “Holding on to Good” where the soaring female vocals and keyboards instantly captured my attention. The song is sweet, epic and slowly builds up its mood with guitars and drums til the catchy chorus. The strings in the instrumental break are just emotional as well the keyboards. The following “Is Anybody Out There” is much more rockish and groovy, sung by a warm, soft male voice, while girls are to be found in background choirs. Once again the instrumental break captured me. These guys know how to create an emotional atmosphere, for sure. “Morning Comes” is the typical American acoustic ballad at the beginning which becomes more uptempo after a few seconds. It could make a perfect second single. Another slow tempo song is “If I Loved You” where female vocals are back behind the mic. Beautiful as the previous ones, it has a distinctive country influence. First single was the short “Bottom of The River”. The southern influence is very apparent and brings me back to “Gone with the Wind” mood. Lovely really. “Country House” is another delicate, romantic song with acoustic guitars, strings, keyboards and soft male vocals. Trumpets open “Surrounded” before a nice piano and vocalisings start a melody that reminded me of old Coldplay before bursting out into rock. “Dance in the Graveyards” is once again a folk tinged rock song lively and uptempo, while “Fire” has in the vocals a bit of the Southern melancholy mixed with anger. One of the highlights of the record according to me. Another ballad is “Forgive the Children We Once Were”, full of pathos and emotions. Piano and female voice for “Unlike Any Other”, another ballad, maybe more traditional than the previous ones. Closing song is “Hey Hey Hey”, which is quite fun and soulful. Perfect closure for an adorable album. If you are a fan of typical Southern rock this record is perfect for you, but it can appeal you even if you are part of a more mainstream audience.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Holding on to Good
  2. Is There Anyone Out There
  3. Morning Comes
  4. If I Loved You
  5. Bottom of the River
  6. Country House
  7. Surrounded
  8. Dance in the Graveyards
  9. Fire
  10. Forgive the Children We Once Were
  11. Unlike Any Other
  12. Hey Hey Hey


Line Up

  • Ian Hölljes – Vocals & guitar
  • Eric Hölljes –  Vocals, keyboards & guitar
  • Brittany Hölljes –  Vocals & percussion
  • Elizabeth Hopkins – Vocals & percussion
  • Grant Emerson – Bass
  • Mike McKee – Drums



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