Indie Zone Reviews : Kyla La Grange – “Ashes” (2012)


Label : Ioki Records/Sony Music Entertaiment UK

Review by Luisa Mercier

One of the best debut in mainstream music this year is Kyla La Grange, an interesting artist hailing from Great Britain. Her album “Ashes” is quite varied and ranges from alternative pop (the lively single “Vampire Smile”) to indie rock that reminds me of Florence & The Machine (“Walk Through Wall”) and a kind of even heavier rock (“Been Better” that is close to melodic hard rock). Her voice is the typical pop voice, but it is not a bad thing, I think she is quite expressive and able to manage all the different genres that her album has included. Second track “Courage” for example is more atmospheric, eerie and Kyla mixes her voice to a that of male singer, obtaining a really nice effect. Even though each track is different from the previous one with its own personality, the record has its own “fil rouge” throughout the eleven songs. Kyla succeded in creating a beautiful debut album that puts her among the most interesting alternative female artists on the scene together with Florence Welch and Clare Maguire (eagerly waiting to listen her second record).

Rating – 75/100



  1. Walk Through Walls
  2. Courage
  3. I Could Be
  4. To Be Torn
  5. Vampire Smile
  6. Woke Up Dead
  7. Been Better
  8. Heavy Stone
  9. You Let It Go
  10. Catalyst
  11. Lambs/Sympathy


Line Up

  • Kyla La Grange – Vocals & Songwriting



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