Indrama – “Timescapes” (2010)


Independent Release

Review By Tony Cannella

From Spain, InDrama play dark, ambient metal in the vein of Anathema and The Gathering. On their debut, “Timescapes” the band offer a unique blend of haunting soundscapes and brooding melodies. On “Timescapes”, InDrama presents a 10-song, 52-minute journey into the realm of adventurously appealing metal. Lead vocalist Selene offers up a serene, laid-back vocal style that just floats up there with the music. Don’t expect anything too over-the-top with this band, and this is certainly not music to bang your head to, although it does have its moments of heavy riffing, like on the track, “Unreal”, but for the most part InDrama don’t stray too far from their latter day Anneke-era The Gathering path. Guitarist Jesús does a great job in giving the music some atmosphere and also lends a hand in the vocal department on some songs. Highlights include: “Free Me”, “From”, “Unreal” and “My Dark Soul”. In “Timescapes”, InDrama has delivered a debut that is quite an interesting listen. All-in-all, for a debut album, this is a pretty strong artistic statement for such a young band to make.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Free Me
  2. From
  3. Unreal
  4. Tonight
  5. My Dark Soul
  6. Soul’s Sound
  7. Distance
  8. Secrets
  9. Stages
  10. Ride With Me 

Line Up

  • Selene – Vocals
  • Jesús- Guitars, vocals
  • Guillermo – Guitars
  • Beth – Keyboards
  • Manuel – Bass
  • J.C.- Drums



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