Label : Alfa Matrix

Review by Luisa Mercier

The Belarussian combo Diffuzion is about to release their third album, delivering once again their sexy mix of techno/industrial and pop. The opener “Wintercities” is quite slow, and the vocals by Xev create a sensual soundscape you cannot miss. Definetely darkwave. The following “Dbd” is just pure harder industrial music, maybe a bit repetitive while “Lace of Veins” once again embraces the listener in an erotic, soft dark mood. “C.S.” and the following “Pure Venom” lead us again in the real of industrial, the first a bit more catchy than the second, which quite mesmerizing. “Vogue” and “Dust2Dust” go on in the same steps of the previous ones; to say the truth I feel a certain lack of hooks and variety even though the quality of “Wintercities” is quite high. Overall it a record which is balanced between darkwave and industrial and there are songs like “What Will You Do for Love?” that are a nice mix between the two genres. The songs are mostly mid-tempo ones with some slower and others a little bit faster (“Playing God” and “AC-27” which are maybe the catchiest ones on the album). The album is closed by two remixes of “C.S.”, the one by the label mates Acylum is quite interesting and highlights the creepy industrial nature of the original track.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Winter Cities
  2. Dbd (while you can)    
  3. Lace Of Veins
  4. C.S.   
  5. Pure Venom
  6. Dust2Dust 
  7. VogueTM
  8. For the Prey    
  9. What Will You Do For Love   
  10. She’s Machine    
  11. Playing God    
  12. The One    
  13. Blind  
  14. СУ-27
  15. C.S. (AUTODAFEH mix)
  16. C.S. (ACYLUM mix) 


Line Up

  • Xev – Music,vocals & lyrics
  • Fof – Arrangements, synthesizers & production
  • Taelih – Synthesizers & live keyboards 



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