Industrial/Electronic Realms : Interria – “Les Corps Impatient” (2009)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

From Paris, France comes Interria. The band features two female members Jenni Signorino on vocals and keyboardist Julie Hénau. The rest of the band line-up is as follows: Xavier Dafonte (Guitar/ Sounds), Stef Montiel (Guitar), Fabien Calmon (Bass) and Franck Metayer (Drums). They have already released a demo (in 2006) and an EP called “Digital” in 2008. Their full-length debut is entitled “Les Corps Impatients” and I have to say that I was quite pleasantly surprised after hearing it for the first time. Now, after having the chance to listen a few times, I am all the more impressed with this band. The majority (if not all) of the lyrics are sung in the bands native French language and that proves to be a non factor to us non-French speaking people. The songs and the material are quite strong throughout the 11-track 39-minute opus. Describing the band can be somewhat difficult, since they incorporate a wide range of influences, but they definitely lean a little towards industrial/electronic overtones, but the songs are quite listenable and still have a heavy basis to them.The opening track “Ø” is a 1-minute intro track, using various electronic sounds and segues into the opening track “Nouvelle Ere”. It is easy to see (or hear) after a few moments of listening to this song that there is a definite accessibility factor with Interria. This is a good lead track and a song that is a good intro to this very talented French act. “Mindustrial” is next and it begins with a biting riff and the vocals of Jenni Signorino joins in. She has a nice, very like-able quality to her voice. She just delivers the lines with power and conviction and she is everything you could want in a lead singer. The rest of the band makes quite a cohesive unit as well. This is definitely a song that I could see giving the band a wide appeal. The next track “Nemorkia” is just a loud and fast punk rock type of songs, with crashing drums and basic rhythms. Jenni aggressively spits out the lyrics with rapid fire precision. “Voodoo” slows things down a little bit as the band shows they can be quite diversified. This is another song that I feel can have a tremendous amount of commercial appeal. The hooks and the melodies (pretty much throughout the whole album) are undeniable and infectious. “[m]road, “I-Code” and “Evasion” are some more shining examples of the consistency and viability of Interria.There is a lot to like about Interria. You don’t necessarily have to be a fan of industrial or electronic music. Those styles do not overwhelm anything. The songs are quite good actually and have a real shot at propelling the band to impressive heights.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Ø
  2. Nouvelle Ere
  3. Mindustrial
  4. Nemorkia
  5. Les Corps Impatients
  6. Voodoo
  7. [m]road
  8. I-Code
  9. L’Instant
  10. Evasion
  11. Vice Caché


Line Up 

  • Jenni Signorino – Vocals
  • Xavier Dafonte – Guitar, Sounds
  • Stef Montiel – Guitar
  • Fabien Calmon – Bass
  • Julie Hénau – Keyboards
  • Franck Metayer – Drums



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