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Interview by Connie Bach


Diva Suicide’s flavor is a constructed system of layers. It kind of reminds me of chocolate-covered pretzels, with the hard, solid guitar at its core.The layer of synthesized elements and sweet, emotional lyrics adds the “chocolate” in the equation. I feel I’m hearing undertones that call up the alternative music of the early nineties when I listen to “Scars”, Diva Suicide’s debut release.

Hello, Xs.

Hey hey 🙂

The name Diva Suicide stems from a photo shoot you did. Would you tell me more about the career that led you to be the band’s singer?

Singing is my passion and I have always been involved in bands and when I had the chance of joining Diva Suicide I jumped on it.

As a singer, what inspires your lyrics?

Depending on the song really. Sometimes personal situations and thoughts, sometimes just general things in life…

In the past, you mentioned you are interested in animal rights activism. Do you intend to use your musical career to promote animal rights activism and how?

Yeah absolutely – I think it’s really important that bands support these causes. Music unites and makes people think. The more we are, the stronger and more able to change things. I’m delighted to see bands like London After Midnight and Undercover Slut promoting animal rights.

The song “Crystals” is being featured on Femme Metal’s upcoming compilation. What is the concept behind this song?

I wrote this song thinking of those whose lives are so meaningless that they have to gossip of someone else’s and who put a label on you because of your image without caring for what’s inside.

Moving on, you joined the band after your photo was their cover art for a demo.  How did you become connected to the band and what were your impressions?

I was a friend of the band’s members and they got in contact with me when they were looking for a singer. Our manager and some of them came to one of my rehearsal’s with my previous band… they liked what they saw and offered me to be the new singer for Diva Suicide

How has working in a home studio influenced the type of music and the relationships between band members?

Working in a home studio has its good and its bad things. On one hand, soundwise you can’t have 100% the final product you’d like to but of course it’s more comfortable to record there as you spend lots of hours so it feels like being home and you’ve got more time to experiment new solutions.

Building on that, what does Diva Suicide have in mind for the near future? Is there another album in the works?

Actually, we are working on our first full length album, which we thinks it’s gonna really represent the energy and the personality of the band as it is has developed during the past months.

What does it take, for you and your fellow band members to navigate your day-to-day lives around rehearsing, playing shows, etc?

Sometimes it can be really hard work but at the end of the day it’s worth it cos’ the band is my life and even if we have to fight against lots of problems and sometimes some idiot we always get around and do what we wanna do at the end.

What do you personally enjoy doing in your free time? Any crafts, hobbies, or other musical side projects, or other pursuits?

There’s little free time outside the band and it’s always about music too. Love going to gigs and checking out other bands on the scene or spend hours discovering new bands and buying new CDs. I also like enjoying time on my own reading or writing too, though.

I’ve visited London in the past, and the city has a relaxed atmosphere. Many noted female-fronted bands have sprung from the city’s streets. Is there anything about the city that ever comes to mind while performing?

I think London can be really stressful if you live it day by day. At the moment we are really excited about our forthcoming gigs around UK and abroad and we’ll take this as a chance to take a break from the city for a little while. Also we are really looking forward to play in front of the audience of other cities which we’ve heard are really cool.

Thanks for your time, Xs. Diva Suicide definitely brings a fresh take on the metal scene.




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