Industrial/Electronic Realms : Lahannya – “Defiance” (2009)


Label : Kabuki Records

Review By Danny Robertson

This is “Defiance”, the second full-length album from British underground act Lahannya who, though possible to classify as an industrial-goth act, mix in many genres into their sound to create something that has proven quite popular both in the clubs and on the live circuit across the UK and beyond, as previous tours have proved. This CD however, takes their fusion of alt-rock, dance beats and gothic metal further and turns up the heat, creating their darkest and most aggressive release to date. Thematically speaking, “Defiance” picks up where 2008’s “Welcome To The Underground” EP left off, as it follows the story of an guilt-ridden underground resistance fighter, in a time where surveillance is everywhere and paranoia rules. Previously involved in the creation of technology to allow this, the rebel is forced to come to terms with what he had once helped to create. Following an atmospheric prelude, the band launches into action with “Dying Inside”, a cool track that looks destined for some radio play, and one which sets the pace for the rest of the album. Other stand-out tracks here include “Brave New World”, the more poppier “Open Your Eyes” (another track which deserves to win them some airplay) and penultimate track “No Way Out”, a potential floor-filler in the rock clubs in the months to come. Frontwoman Lahannya‘s vocals have never sounded better than they do here, coming across much more bolder and free of restraint. Rockier and darker than before, “Defiance” should easily please Lahannya‘s existing fanbase, and should also pick up some converts too. For fans of Lacuna Coil, Fear Factory, kidneythieves, and Within Temptation.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Prelude
  2. Dying Inside
  3. Sick and Tired
  4. Brave New World
  5. Burn
  6. Adrenaline
  7. Open Your Eyes
  8. Interference
  9. Piece by Piece
  10. Kill Me If You Care
  11. No Way Out
  12. Our war


Line Up 

  • Lahannya – Vocals
  • Chris Milden – Guitar
  • Lutz Demmier – Bass
  • Belle – Drums



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