Industrial/Electronic Realms Review : The Stompcrash – “Direction” (2012)


Label : Dreamcell 11/Wormhole Death

Review by Luisa Mercier

The Stompcrash is an Italian band, from Milan precisely and “Directions” is their second album. The project is inspired by gothic, darkwave scene and by authors like Kafka, Poe and Lovecraft. Their debut “Requiem Rosa” has been released in 2007 and the flavor was really “old school”, decadent with the two vocalists, male and female, that tell the stories contained in the album. This second recors has a sound that is different from the 80s flavored tunes of “Requiem Rosa” and it connects with contemporary bands like Interpol and Editors. The two vocalists are the element that strike the most who listens: male vocals are more warm while female are crystal clear with a post punk vibe. The songs have a style that ranges from atmospheric and new wave (like “The Black Dahlia”) to more modern goth-deathrock (“Cat’s Eyes” is an example). Melancholia, sadness, love, pain are the main themes which are quite standard for a gothic inspired band, but they have their personality and there is potential for further evolutions. The band is still a young one and there is plenty of time to develop their own sound drawing from their different influences.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Awoken from Uneasy Dream
  2. The Leaves Begin to Fall
  3. The Black Dahlia
  4. Memories
  5. Cold Luger
  6. Cat’s Eyes
  7. Enemy at Your Gate
  8. Circles of Mud
  9. The Only Real Thing
  10. Hazel
  11. Looking Eastward
  12. Back in the Blue 


Line Up

  • Christian Celsi – Vocals & guitars
  • Daniela Palermo – Vocals & keyboards
  • Grazia Mele – Bass
  • Diego Itri – Drums & programming 



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