Industrial/Electronic Realms Reviews : Mallory Switch – “Mallory” (2010)


Label : GB Sounds

Review by Tony Cannella

Mallory Switch is the oddly named band out of Italy. Their new debut full-length release is simply titled, “Mallory” and among the 10-tracks and 46-minutes worth of music featured, the band display their style of electronic beats and sounds, some rap and industrialized hard rock music, all coming together under the banner Mallory Switch. The opening track “Business Television” brings the listener into Mallory Switch‘s electro-world. That is followed by the bouncy, straight-forward song with the blunt title, “You Made My Shitlist” (this is my new favorite song title, ever!). The song alternates between being aggressive and techno influenced and is one of the more memorable tracks included here. “Dirt” keeps the momentum going, with an aggressive marching riff that just pounds away all the way through. Next track, “The Last Man on Earth” really stands out, thanks to the beat that is kept. This song also features a contribution from New York City based rap artist Beans (from the group Antipop Consortium). It is an interesting collaboration and one that works great. Audrey Lynch is the vocalist and guitarist for this trio and her vocal style has an infectious charm to it that goes along great with the music that is being performed. Other favorites include: “No Evil”, “Brand New World”, “Flow” and the final track “Mother Earth”, which is followed by 3-minutes of silence and then the dreaded unnamed, surprise bonus track. While not your typical metal release, “Mallory” still features some pretty memorable moments and Mallory Switch are a band that brings something a little bit different to the table. “Mallory” is a CD that mixes different influences, styles and ingredients. It’s all a pretty potent combination. I will admit that this is not what I would normally listen to on a regular basis but the songs on “Mallory” had me interested all the way through and it is just another example of how metal can expand horizons.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Business Television
  2. You Made My Shitlist
  3. Dirt
  4. The Last Man on Earth
  5. No Evil
  6. Brand New World
  7. Flow
  8. Evolution Machine
  9. Mumbling My Time
  10. Mother Earth


Line Up

  • Audrey Lynch – Vocals and Guitars
  • Zach Maier – Bass, Synth, Piano
  • Kid Lynch – Drums, Samples, Programming, Background Vocals



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