Industrial/Electronic Realms : Sleepthief – “Mortal Longing” SINGLE (2012)


Independent Release

Review by Luisa Mercier

After two full-lengths and several single releases, Sleepthief is back with a new, beautiful official single, accompanied by a stunning video. For all of you, that still are not familiar with his music, Sleepthief is the project behind which hides the American producer Justin Elswick. His music is a soulful blending of electronica, Celtic influences, synth-pop, ambient and classical music. The new single features once again the distinctive vocals of Jody Quine (known for her work with Balligomingo) over an emotional layered track that will leave you speechless. The song is inspired by the wish that all of us has experienced in life: the yearning to find someone who could love us and understands us, but not always is meant to happen. So, it is quite bittersweet, melancholic, sad, though soaring and uplifting also thank you to Jody Quine amazing work on backing vocals. I think they add a lot more to the whole atmosphere. Music, as usual, is thoroughly crafted, with lots of layers starting from electronica to strings and piano. What makes Sleepthief music stands out in my opinion is his ability in expressing feelings and conveying it to his audience. It is not by chance that all of us are always so moved by his songs. I warmly invite you to give this song a try and, if you like it, to the rest of his discography too. The single is out 11th June along with three remixes by Justin and his collaborator Israel Curtis (Psychosomatic Mix), Blue Stone and DjMikel.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Mortal Longing (album version)
  2. Mortal Longing (Blue Stone Mix)
  3. Mortal Longing (DjMikel Mix)
  4. Mortal Longing (Psychosomatic Mix)


Line Up

  • Jody Quine – Vocals
  • Justin Elswick – Songwriting, Piano & Programming
  • Israel Curtis -Additional Programming



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