Industrial/Electronic Realms : The Birthday Massacre – “Walking with Strangers” (2007)


Label : Metropolis Records

Review by John Davies

Canadian band The Birthday Massacre are one of the finest electro industrial bands around. They just keep getting better with each album. “Walking with Strangers” is their third release, and it is their finest yet. The compositions are better than ever, and Chibi’s vocals are maturing nicely. This CD is chock full of infectious upbeat songs that will have you bouncing around the house and bumping into the walls. The keyboards add a huge ethereal atmosphere, while there is an ever present plodding guitar sound deep in the dark. One really nice feature is that the songs all flow into each other seamlessly, so it’s like listening to one forty-five minute long song, with varying themes. As always, Chibi’s melancholy, girlish vocals contrast superbly with the darker, heavier guitars and bass parts, with the keyboards kind of pulling it all together. This is a large band with a huge, lush sound. There are two guitarists, who both also contribute to programming the sequenced parts of the songs, plus a keyboard player, drummer, bassist and vocalist. This band has totally mastered the art of creating rich, atmospheric electro pop with heavy, pulsing beats. It’s very hard to pick outstanding tracks, because they’re all so damn catchy! The opening track is great, breaking into a very danceable rhythm. “Goodnight” has a killer dark guitar sound under beautiful airy keyboards and vocals. “Redstars” opens with this amazing, really heavy guitar riff that steals the song, followed by a gorgeous chorus. “Science” is definitely an outstanding dance number. The title track is fabulous, with really intricate drum and keyboard parts, and one of the more challenging vocal melodies for Chibi. Oh, I give up, they’re all great songs and Chibi is just the most adorable front person you could ever imagine.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Kill the Light
  2. Goodnight
  3. Falling Down
  4. Unfamiliar
  5. Red Stars
  6. Looking Glass
  7. Science
  8. Remember Me
  9. To Die For
  10. Walking with Strangers
  11. Weekend
  12. Everything
  13. Movie


Line Up

  • Chibi – Vocals, Lyrics
  • Owen – Keyboards
  • Rainbow – Guitars, Vocals, Programming
  • M.Falcore – Guitars
  • Nate Manor – Bass, Vocals 
  • Rhim – Drums, Vocals 



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