Infidia – “Reflections” (2009)


Label : On Parole Productions

Review By Tony Cannella

From Slovenia, Infidia play ultra-melodic Symphonic Power Metal. The band released their debut EP in 2007 and now has issued their first full-length offering, “Reflections”. “Reflections” feature 11-songs and a playing time of about 46-minutes worth of high powered, mostly up-tempo music ala Helloween and Stratovarius. The music simply soars and with lead vocalist Tina Kic at the helm Infidia looks like they are most certainly headed in the right direction. The band utilizes rich background choirs and that really helps to enhance the already potent material on “Reflections”. The opening track, “Visions” begins with just the bands choir-like vocals before blasting into the track and we are off and running. The next track, “One Step from Hell” is a truly majestic power metal opus that quickly became a favorite of mine. Probably my favorite track – surprisingly enough – was the power ballad, “Like No Tomorrow”. Just a passionate heartfelt number, with great performances all the way around (especially the vocals) and great lyrics. Other highlights include: “Heart of Stone”, “Thirteen” and the closing track “Dalec Stran” which, I believe is sung in the bands native language. I really loved the pacing and arrangements of the songs. On “Reflections”, Infidia inject the songs with a lot of passion, fire and heart. I’ve said it before that I get so much enjoyment out of reviewing new bands who I might not get a chance to hear otherwise. I for one am glad that I did not miss out on this impressive band from Slovenia. The songs on “Reflections” speak volumes about what this band is capable of. In the world of Symphonic Power Metal, I believe that Infidia will make some serious noise.

Rating – 92/100



  1. Vision
  2. One Step From Hell
  3. Soulburn
  4. Salvation
  5. Like No Tomorrow
  6. Viva Forever
  7. One Last Memory
  8. Heart of Stone
  9. Thirteen
  10. The Dreamer and the Nightmare
  11. Dalec Stran

Line Up

  • Tina Kic – Vocals
  • Uroš Eršte – Guitar
  • Andrej Lebar – Guitar
  • Miha Ozvaldič – Bass
  • Katja Sevšek – Keyboards
  • Sašo Corso – Drums



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