Infinitus Mortus – “2012” (2010)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

From New Jersey comes the symphonic metal duo Infinitus Mortus. Judging by the sounds coming from their debut “2012”, it is hard to believe that there are only two members in the band. The lead vocalist is Tara and she is joined by the multi-instrumentalist Steve who pretty much does everything else. As you could probably decipher given the album’s title, “2012” is an ambitious concept album, based around the Mayan prophecy that the world will end in 2012. Dark, Epic and Melodic are three good words to describe “2012”. In front Lady Tara, you have a truly talented vocalist with an expressive operatic style. Steve completes the dark vision with his many talents. The intro “The Dark Rift” gives way to the rapid fire riffing of “The Next Atlantis”“Worst Plague Of All… Love” begins with some nice piano and then settles nicely into a mid-tempo, heavy, melodic groove. My only complaint – and it is a small one – is that perhaps Tara’s vocals are a little low in the mix. Besides that minor complaint, “2012” is really loaded with good metal riffs and songs. Highlights include: “Blood Lust”, the symphonic ally beautiful ballad “My Apocalypse”, “The 10th Planet” and the albums closer “A Golden Age”. For those who love conceptual metal, then Infinitus Mortus is a band well worth checking out and “2012” I’m sure is only the beginning for this Jersey band.

Rating – 88/100



  1. The Dark Rift
  2. The Next Atlantis
  3. Worst Plague of All… Love
  4. A Drink From the Nile
  5. Blood Lust
  6. My Apocalypse
  7. The 10th Planet
  8. The Unknown
  9. The Final Battle
  10. A Golden Age


Line Up

  • Tara Ortiz – Vocals
  • Stephen Megna – Guitars, Keyboards, Bass and Drums 



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