Infinity Overture – “Kingdom of Utopia” (2009)


Label : Lion Music

Review By Tony Cannella

Formed in Denmark by guitarist Niels Vejlyt, Infinity Overture features the male vocal talents of Elegy front man Ian Parry along with female singer Anne Karine Prip. In addition, the band includes a very talented variety of musicians who can be be heard on the debut Infinity Overture release “Kingdom of Utopia”. The songs on “Kingdom of Utopia” tell a very complex story, which is printed on the bands MySpace site and it makes for some interesting reading. The lyrics were written by Ian Parry and the music was written by Niels Vejlyt, here now are the results of their collaberation. The bombastically brilliant opening track “Millenia” gets things off to a flying start as Ian Parry‘s recognizable vocals come in, soon joined by the female vox of Anne Karine Prip. Impressive also is the guitar work of Niels Vejlyt, especially the solo. This song also features some great symphonic orchestration. “The Great Believers” is next and although it starts off slow, it quickly picks up the pace and is another highlight. Ian Parry really proves why he is one of the most underrated and under appreciated singers in metal, he handles the majority of the vocals on this CD, with Anne Karine Prip playing a supportive role, but when she is called upon, she delivers big time. “Warrior King” is a powerful track that features different tempos and layers and is just a great song and one that keeps the overall continuity of the CD moving forward. Other highlights include: “Wonderland”, “Queen of Hearts”, “Sacred Fire” and the closing instrumental “War Cry”. When it came time to mix the CD the band turned to the legendary duo of Sascha Paeth and Miro who have built up quite a resume in producing top-notch metal bands. “Kingdom of Utopia” is a must for fans of progressive, symphonic, conceptual metal. Even if you’re not that much into the conceptual end of things, that’s okay, because there is plenty of good music produced on the CD to keep even the most jaded of metal fans happy. The 10-songs and 49-minutes worth of music on “Kingdom of Utopia” is a definite artistic statement from Ian Parry and company and there is a definite niche out there for a band like Infinity Overture and it is only a matter of time before they find it. Fans of Ian Parry‘s other projects should be well pleased with the results. A solid debut!

Rating – 90/100



  1. Millenia
  2. The Great Believers
  3. Warrior King
  4. Wonderland
  5. Temples of Doom
  6. Kingdom of Utopia
  7. Queen of Hearts
  8. Oceans of Time
  9. Sacred Fire
  10. War Cry


Line Up 

  • Ian Parry – Male Vocals
  • Anne Karine Prip – Female Vocals
  • Niels Vejlyt – Guitar
  • Kyle Honea – Bass
  • Mads Damgaard – Bass
  • Mads Volf – Drums



MySpace Site

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