Inner Shrine – “Mediceo” (2010)


Label : My Funeral Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Italy’s Inner Shrine have a history that begins in 1995. Even though they are in their fifteenth year of existance, information on them on the Internet is scarce. The two main members of Inner Shrine are Luca Liotti and Leonardo Moretti. For their just released fourth full-length release, “Mediceo” they have been joined by the operatic vocals of Cecilia Boninsegni. Musically, Inner Shrine play a mix of Gothic, Renaissance, Classical, Opera and Metal to create a unique blend that can be heard on “Mediceo”. “Mediceo” is a concept album based on the history of the city of Florence and the power of the Mediceo family that ruled the city for centuries. All the lyrics are written in ancient Latin and the songs contain big sounding chanting and choir-like choruses. Cecilia Boninsegni‘s soprano vocals are quite powerful and definitely helps to bring the music and songs to life. The music veers off into different directions and avenues, as the listener is swept away into the music and story that is being told. Even though “Mediceo” features only 8-songs and 34-minutes worth of music, there is a lot to digest here. Inner Shrine are quite an interesting and adventurous band to listen to and are sure to be an acquired taste, but there is no denying the talent and ability of this Italian band. Inner Shrine are a difficult band to describe, but they are one of the more interesting band’s I have encountered in quite some time.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Fatum Johanni
  2. Confutatis
  3. L’Elettrice Palatina
  4. Cum Gloria
  5. The Green Room
  6. Il Magnifico
  7. Enea
  8. Odissea


Line Up

  • Luca Liotti – Vocals, Guitar, Synth, Programming, Samples
  • Cecilia Boninsegni – Soprano
  • Leonardo Moretti- Bass
  • Viames Marino – Drums



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