Innerfate – “Unleashed” DEMO (2009)


Independent Release

Review By Tony Cannella

Until recently, Spain’s Innerfate were a complete unknown to me. Their debut demo goes by the title “Unleashed” and to say that it immediately grabbed my attention is an understatement. Innerfate were formed in early 2009 by three former members of the band Forever Slave and play Gothic Power Metal. The songs on “Unleashed” are full of crunchy guitar riffs, lots of melody and the crystal clear vocals of Swiss front woman Mara.The opening track “Echoes of a Dream” starts things off with a hugely, thunderous riff that holds steady throughout the songs duration as the solid vocals of Mara come in. Some harsh sounding male vocals are also present on this track. Just a wicked way to begin things and certainly gets “Unleashed” off to a good start. The hard and heavy riffs keep coming with the groove-laden second track “Circles Of Despair”, this song is definitely one of the highlights for me as Mara employs a haunting quality with her voice, and a great melody and chorus also helps to make this one of the top tracks, but through it all, that riff is just monstrous. The next track “Broken World”is a cool ballad to mid-tempo number and “Inner Battlefield” sees the band getting heavy once again. The final track “What Have I…” is a great way to end things. It starts off as a beautiful piano-driven ballad, before the heavy riffs come in once again and the song settles into a mid-tempo style – with Mara at her dramatic best on vocals. On “Unleashed”, Innerfate have recorded a demo that gives the listener a diverse look into what they are capable of. The band manages to combine heaviness with heart-felt musicianship, vocals and an accessibility factor in their songs that shows that they are capable of appealing to a wide range of fans if given the chance. It is hard to believe that they have been together for such a short amount of time, but the 5-songs and 21-minutes worth of music contained here is quite a good start for this promising Spanish outfit.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Echoes of a Dream
  2. Circles of Despair
  3. Broken World
  4. Inner Battlefield
  5. What Have I…


Line Up

  • Mara – Vocals
  • Os – Guitars
  • Leal – Keyboards
  • QuiQue – Bass
  • Edu Vert – Drums



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