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 Interview by Erwin Van Dijk


An interview with Alissa White-Gluz from The Agonist.

No, I didn’t. Its just something I started doing and excelling at.

Did you always want to become a singer? 

I have never taken singing lessons, and I try to keep my whole body in healthy shape to keep my vocal cords healthy too.

You use both clean vocals and metal growls for The Agonist. Which style do you prefer?

I need a bit of both, I would be bored with just one style.

And to what kind of music do you listen yourself?

Everything but country!

And who are your favourite bands and musicians?

Devin Townsend, Gwen Stefani, Muse, Arch Enemy, etc.

Did you have any other bands before The Agonist & Tempest and/or are you active in any other bands now besides The Agonist?

I had 2 other bands besides this one, but right now this is my only priority musically. 

Is it easy to combine your personal life with The Agonist?

Not at all! I’m sure most musicians will agree.

Besides your work with The Agonist we could also see you in other media the last years: You were featured as one of Revolver’s Hottest Chicks in Metal in 2007. As a photographer I’m the last one to complain about good looking women onstage but you will never hear of James Hetfield being chosen as “Hottest hunk in metal” Are you not afraid that this will set the place of women in metal back to where it was during the eighties: eye candy for glam rock videos and a fresh xxx backstage*?

Hahaha well to be honest, in the 80’s I was 5 years old, but it seems that the men were just as eye-candy-ish as the women! I think it’s debatable, but strong women allowing themselves to be feminine and sexy sends a STRONGER message than one who thinks she has to be masculine to be strong. We are having our cake and eating it too.  

Why did you change the name of the band into The Agonist and what is the idea behind the name of the band?

We switched the name to avoid confusions with other bands called Tempest. An agonist is a drug used to enduce feeling in patients, like the opposite of an anesthetic, and is also the name for the character torn between good and evil in the literary sense.

A lot of bands today describes themselves as metalcore. How would you describe your music?

Weird metal -go listen.

Is song writing teamwork in The Agonist or is there one mastermind who writes the lyrics and music?

The song writing is split between Danny and I. I write all the vocal patterns, harmonies, rhythms, lyrics, and Danny writes the instrumental.

And where do you and the band get the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

Anywhere and everywhere.

“Lullabies for The Dormant Mind” is your second album. What have you done different with this album compared to “Once Only Imagined”?

We are all very different people and musicians and we simply ended up, as a result, creating different music.

The album is out for some time now. How did the media and the fans receive the album?

Very well, we are happy!

And can you tell us something about the songs on the album?

They were all struggles and successes in my mind.

“Monochromatic Stains” is a Dark Tranquility cover. Why did you choose this song as a cover and is there any change it will appear on another album than the Japanese release?

We actually recorded that song for a CM compilation… just for fun.

Was is difficult to do “Swan Lake”?

Yes, but very rewarding. 

What are your favourite songs on the album?

“Thank You, Pain”, “…and Their Eulogies Sang Me to Sleep”, “The Tempest”, “Birds Elope With the Sun”, “Martyr Art”… all of them!

Are there any plans for a tour in Europe and what else can we expect from The Agonist in the future?

We are DYING to come to Europe… so please help us get there!

And the last question: is there anything the reader should know that I have not asked?

Buy our albums and request us everywhere you go so we can come to Europe…please! Thanks 😉


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