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Interview by Marc “Peston” Sels

Yawarhiem is a power/gothic band from Lima, Peru. I don’t know much about this band, therefore this interview with leadvocalist Aurora D’Nina, a soprano voice of the Andes.

Can you tell us a little about Yawarhiem? (History, releases…)

Well, Yawarhiem has been formed in 2005 and since that year we have been working hard to express musically, and through each song, our Inca’s history that has been adapted by J. Miguel, contribute to our own mystified characters. In 2006 we launced our first demo with the song “Darkness, Blood & Tears”, that convert us as the revelation power metal band of the year, reviews in international webzines, interviews with one of the most famous and old rock radio’s (Radio doble 9 – a Peruvian local station), concerts in Lima and provinces (Ayacucho, Cerro de Pasco) among others. At the end of the same year began the recording session of “The Rebirth of the Empire”, our cd that was launched in July 2009.

What means Yawarhiem?

Yawarhiem means Winter’s blood. The bandname was formed from two representative’s mother languages: Quechua (Yawar) what is our Peruvian mother’s tongue and Latin (Hiem) as the first worldwide language.

Can you introduce the bandmembers to us?

The band’s current line-up is : J.Miguel Brendal – Vocals & Wind, Richie Salverredy – Keyboards, Oscar Martin – Guitars, Eddy Geott – Bass, Julio German – Drums and me, Aurora D’Nina – Soprano Vocals.

How is the metal-scene over there in Peru? Are there any interesting bands?

The metal-scene is much reduced. We say reduced because here as a metal musician you do not get enough private moneysupport for planning a good concert or a big one. Here you can just find a few bands that are trying hard to stay playing concerts around Lima or in provinces, many times without the minimum requires that one band needs to play well on stage, but despite the fact, they still are playing because the metal essence is bigger than those inconveniences or that kind of limitation, and because of what a real musician does : just looking to spread and share their musical art with the fans. Of course, here in Peru you can find really good bands that would love to have more opportunities to play here in Lima, provinces and abroad, and some of them also are looking to find a way to record their music.

What are your musical influences, heroes, favorite cd’s…?

Well, my musical influence comes from the classical music, from opera to jazz, bossa nova and the power metal music. Heroes, no one yet. My favorite cd’s are “Rain of a Thousand Flames” by Rhapsody of Fire, “Oceanborn” from Nightwish, “King of the Nordic Twilight” from Luca Turilli, amongst others.

Peru has been living in some kind of civil war between the government and Sendero Luminoso. Did this had any influence on the metal scene? And life in common?

I think, of course, that it had a macro impact, because it was something that affects the civil population and had consequences in the political and economical fields and one could say that it influenced the working class (including musicians) as human beings, living in that situation. I can not specify how I was influenced, because I was a little kid in those times.

Most of the songs handle about old history, mythology etc… Have you got a theory about Nazca?

The lyrics from the music we make is based on the Inca history…from my personal point of view of course, there are many theories about the Nazca lines, and one of them (for me), is that aliens could build it up with a special meaning everytime to remind them every time they come back.

A lot of bands are more respected outside their land than in their homeland. How is it with Yawarhiem?

What do you mean with respected…is it like recognized? Well we are well being recognized in Peru, with lots of positive critics, fan support and since we’ve launched the cd (July 30,2009) for the national market, we have received new local media opportunities where we have done interviews with the most important newspaper (Diaro El Comercio), interviews at one of the newest radiostations (Radio Capital) and at an old one (Radio Miraflores). We have recorded our second videoclip thanks to a local metal online support (Motor-Rock). And this support is what we value because the print and online promotion helps us to reach a more national and international audience, and we are grateful for it.

How was “The Rebirth of the Empire” developed? Did it took a lot of time?

The content of “The Rebirth of the Empire” was developed in the lapse of time around one year and a half. The recording and mastering took around two years; yes it took a lot of time to finish this work. You know that in the path to get the final sound (after the intense record-sessions) the most delicate and hard to define is to get the sound you have been keeping in your head as a final result. But at the end of this part it was a relief to see that the time we spent recording as a band (full days and nights) was worth it. We are satisfied with it.

Have you got regular jobs? (I don’t think you can survive as musicians)

Yes, of course, but for us the band is part of our ‘regular job’, because we are constantly thinking about new ways and things to contribute to the band with new arrangements, ideas etc..

Do you think the internet and webzines can help you to gain a bigger audience?

Yes I do. Nowadays it is one of the most important and efficient free tools to reach a worldwide audience.

And at last, any last thoughts?

Yes, we encourage all the musicians of the world to make the promise to spread their music as far and as long as they can, because music is the strongest worldwide language that keeps the soul of the world alive. Thanks for the interview. Good vibes and best regards to FemmeMetal.



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