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 Interview by Marc “Peston” Sels


Caladmor is a Swiss Folk Gothic band that released an their interesting debut cd called “Midwinter” this year. Earlier they released three demo’s and an EP under the name Pale. Singer Barbara can explain a lot what happened and will happen with the band.

Can you give us a brief history of the band?

The band was formerly known as Pale, founded by Nick, Maede and me in 2001. Our early years were dedicated to Alternative Metal and then the sound developed more and more to what it is now. Mäcka joined the band in 2005. By writing and recording our album “Midwinter” we decided to look for a new name which would represent our music in a better way. Caladmor (meaning “dark light” in Tolkien’s language Sindarin) is just perfect in that sense! After having finished the recordings of “Midwinter” in spring 2009, Plaeschy joined the band as the newest member.

Have you got, beside music, some other passions?

I do but unfortunately I hardly ever find time for them 😉 I love designing and sewing my own clothes or having a good glass of red wine and draw a picture. Further I’m strongly interested in history of our past’s rites, beginning in the ancient past to modern times. Switzerland for example holds a chest full of magic tradition!

Have you got some affinity with other female vocalists like Tarja, Floor Jansen (ReVamp)?

There are several female singers I consider Goddesses! In Metal there is Anneke van Giersbergen (Ex-The Gathering) and of course Floor. Their voices are just perfect in every single aspect – intonation, expression, warmth … amazing and a true inspiration! Further I love the stunning voices of Tori Amos, Loreena McKennitt, Malena Ernman and opera legend Maria Callas.

Is there a song you wish you had written?

No, I cannot really think of 

If you had to go to a deserted island, which book, movie, cd, comic, music dvd would you take with you? And why?

Hard question! Only one of each?? 😉 As a book, I’d probably take the full collection of Grimm’s fairytales – as a student of German language and linguistics I have a great affinity to the Brothers Grimm and their work, also to fairytales on the whole because they’re witnesses of old traditions and beliefs. And I have to admit that I’ve never grown up regarding fairytales, I’m still fascinated by their magic and mystic like a child.
As a movie I’d take “Braveheart” with me – I know this movie is quite pathetic and doesn’t stick in all cases to historical facts and yes, it’s Hollywood, but in spite of all these facts there has never been a movie touching me the way like “Braveheart” did.
But still, I’d need a CD on my Island 😉 So I’d choose “Nighttime Birds” by The Gathering, an album which has already been inspiring me since years and it seems it’ll never stop doing so. Also it creates a certain magical atmosphere when listening to it, what makes the album even more special.

How is the CD selling? Are you pleased with the reviews so far?

Considering that we are still a quite unknown band in a country like Switzerland where Metal doesn’t really have a platform, the CD selling works surprisingly well, also thanks to our label Twilight Zone Records in Germany. The reaction to the album was really positive! We didn’t expect that mixing such a lot of styles like we do would find any recognition, but it did! So we’re truly pleased and motivated to make a further album.

Sean Killey (Alice In Chains-drummer) once said :”All good singers are freaks”. Are you a freak?

The question is: What behaviour or attitude is significant for a freak? To me people doing absolute nonsense jobs like bank managers spending more money than they earn (which is definitely crazy regarding their incomes) are the true freaks. Compared to them, I’m quite normal… (which would then mean I am a bad singer 😉 But to be honest, I often experience that people don’t get my very black sense of humour and then they glance at me thinking “oh what a freak” 😉 If you called someone a freak who likes being dressed differently from the main masses and who doesn’t and didn’t always choose the straightest and most easy way in life (in order to be more free and pleased), then yes, I’m definitely a freak.

Can you live from your music or do you all have “regular” jobs?

We all have regular jobs, Maede and me even have part time jobs and study at the university. The band work also takes a lot of time and it is sometimes difficult finding enough time for everything. I’d love to give priority to the music but I’m afraid we’d starve if did so 😉 Therefore we need to do normal jobs up to now.

How would you describe Caladmor to someone who’d never heard of you?

Caladmor – Gothic Folk Metal from the middle of where darkness meets light.

After, or during intense touring, can you remember witch day it is, and where you are? And can you see something from the town you’re in?

I’d love to answer: “Well no, not really, you know, touring can be sooo exhausting!” 😉 But unfortunately we’ve never been able to afford doing a tour so far. There were some offers for the opening slots of quite well known bands but the prizes we’d have had to pay were breathtakingly high and it’s a fact that as a small band you just get screwed after having signed such contracts. But still we’re open for any offers! Please contact us, we’d love to play at the venues all around the world! 😉

What was the first record you bought? Your all time favourite? And what do you sing under the shower?

My first record was a compilation with some pop songs from the 80’s – nothing really worth to talk about 😉 I have several all time favourites, accompanying me since a lot of years: “Who cares a lot?” by Faith no more; “Tuonela” by Amorphis; “Bestie in Menschengestalt” by Die Ärzte; “Nighttime Birds” by The Gathering; “Under the Pink” by Tori Amos; and a compilation of Celtic Songs – actually there are a lot more. I often use the time under the shower to do some exercises for my singing technique, as I hardly find any other time for them 😉

What are the plans for the future?

We’re already about to write new songs for our second album which is planned to be out next summer. It’ll show again a broad variety of styles, beautiful melodies, thundering riffs… I can’t wait to enter the studios! Also we want to play some festivals next summer or do a little tour. Stay tuned!

Any “Famous last words”?

It’s great that there is a platform like Femme Metal for female fronted bands! Keep up the good work and thank you very much for the interview 😉



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