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Interview by Erwin Van Dijk

An interview with Barbara from Todio. Todio is a crossover progressive metal band from Italy. The band has been active since 1992 and have released a new album little time ago called “Sixteen”. This interview is with Barbara, the singer of the band.

Did you always want to become a singer?

I always loved to sing but I know that if I want to consider singing as a pleasure it must not be a job for me.

And to what kind of music do you listen yourself?

Every kind of music, I started with rock in the eighties, then lots of pop and blues, now I have again lots of rock music CD in my car.

And who are your favourite bands and musicians?

Faith No More, Guns N’Roses, Dio, Velvet Revolver, Sheryl Crow, Elio e Le Storie Tese..

Did you have any other bands before Todio and/or are you active in any other bands now besides Todio?

Yes I had others bands but some don’t exist anymore, others changed singers and musicians.

How do you choose your stage gear?

I sing with a Shure Beta 58, I always loved it. Todio use their own equipment and I’m proud to say that it’s very professional. We make very much attention to every single sound.

What are your other passions besides music?

Travel with our motorbike or however to travel (no matter how and where), cinema, to spend some time with my friends. I would like to say sport but I am lazy.

Why did you choose Todio as name for the band?

It’s the name band from the beginning so, before me. Todio means in Italian “I hate you”, they told me it was because of their hate for womans and for the problems they were giving to them 

And how would you describe your music?

I know what our music is not, it’s not obvious, the songs are not similar as often happens in many productions, it’s a mix of styles and experiences, sometimes it happens that you feel more the rock spirit, sometimes pop, sometimes you can hear hard core or classical moments. That’s why we think about us as a crossover band.

And what makes Todio different compared to all those other female fronted bands?

I think that the previous answer can give the explanations to this question. But maybe, the difference is that often the front woman has a particular attitude, I’m only the front singer of a group, no one in the band is essential more than other; we create good music only because of the mix of talents.

Is song writing teamwork in Todio or is there one mastermind behind the music?

Often I write the lyrics and the band compose the music (all together), sometimes someone in the band gives me lyrics, I adjust them if necessary and they become songs like “Wild Road”, for example.

Can you introduce us to the other members of Todio?

Ok, there’s Andrea Ercoli on keyboards, Fausto Ferrara on guitar, Massimo Ferrara on bass and Andriy Poltavets on drums.

You have just released “Sixteen”. How did the media, and more important, the fans react on the album?

Different labels contacted us after listening to our work, but as I already said, we love playing with our music and it must be always a pleasure, so if the contracts are not clear or they don’t allow us to exhibit our self at the right conditions, we simply go on using our strength. The fans are a pleasure, a confirmation that we are on the right way and that if we work seriously, people understand the difference. We don’t lose our had because of the fans, we are more motivated to do our music, better and better.

And what are the differences between “Sixteen” and his precessor, “Dobermann”?

With “Sixteen” the experience is double, the boys are all grown up, they listened to more music, they saw more live concerts and they played their instruments more than ever. They had time to see what really represent them more; “Dobermann” has a male voice, “Sixteen” has melodies good for my voice, “Dobermann” is a rock album, “Sixteen” starts from this point and crosses many styles.

And why did it took so long to come with a new album?

Members of the band are gone, then back, someone is changed, they made an Italian project three years ago but it seemed not to satisfy them so much. It was the beginning of the last transformation of the band. Of course these are not good moments to write new music.

All the songs are in the English language. Have you ever considered to use your native Italian instead?

Already done in the past album. The guys weren’t satisfied of the result. And one of the problem was the language. In this way the band is open to more countries.

Who was responsible for the artwork on “Sixteen”?

Andrea Ercoli has directly followed the realization of the CD’s artwork but the main idea comes from all of us.

What is your favourite song on the album and why?

I prefer rock songs so my favourite ones are “Wet Day” and “Dobermann”.

Will you do a tour in Europe and beyond to promote “Sixteen”?

We’d really like to do a European tour supported by a good managing. Of course if the proposal is compatible with our jobs.

What are for you the highlights with Todio so far?

Todio recorded a CD in LA some years ago, then they made many gigs in important Italian clubs, I remember a beautiful concert at the biggest motorbike Italian meeting in Osoppo.

And what can we expect from Todio in the nearby future?

The new album, many, many live concerts and only good music.

And the last question: is there anything the reader should know that I have not asked?

I think the better is not come yet, so stay tuned !



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