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Interview by Erwin Van Dijk

An interview with Chiara from Crysalys. Italian metal band Crysalys was founded in 2005 by singer Chiara “Dusk” and drummer Alessandro “Doomtrain” . Their aim was to combine Swedish melodic death metal and the modern American metalcore sound with soprano vocals. Image Simone Simons singing in an Carcass cover band with members from Walls of Jericho and you might come close to it. They released one demo “Season of Suffering” (2005), one EP “White Lotus on Acheron Shores” (2007) and a mini CD “…And Let the Innocence Dream” (2009). However, a tour in Holland and France was cancelled this year.

The first question is a logical one: what happened to the band that caused the split?

This is an “intimate” question, but we can merely say that we’ve grown in different ways. So, after some personal and musical divergences, Mario, Giampaolo and Matteo decided to leave the band.The first thought was to put an end to this dream…but we quickly realized that we can’t live without Crysalys.

More important, was this split on friendly terms or more in the style of the Gorgoroth split?

Ahah we’re less unkind than Gorgoroth! The split was friendly enough… We’re worried and a bit disappointed about the decision of the other guys, they were great friends for me and Ale, but life can change and people as well… We can only wish them to find their way… We’ll never forget them… We shared a lot of emotions together during these years…

Have you and Alessandro ever considered of quitting with Crysalys after the split and start again with a new band and clean history?

Absolutely not. Crysalys is like a son for us, it’s our big little dream, our life. The story of this band is written by our emotions, disappointments, unforgettable moments and sacrifices. As long as we are alive, our souls will continue to believe in music and create emotions… All of this is called Crysalys for us. Historia magistra vitae est.

I guess that you are looking for new musicians. To what kind of musicians are you looking for?

We want to give a new direction to our sound, I mean, we want to keep focusing on our style, but, this time, we also want to make it more experimental. Heavy guitars with modern synths and an alternative, powerful bass.

And will this split change the sound of Crysalys?

Of course it will. New members mean new styles and we do not exclude anything. Our sound will remain heavy and modern as always, but they will add more influences.

Why did you and Alessandro choose the name Crysalys for the band?

Alessandro was playing an old videogame in which he found a creature called “Chrysalis” and in that same moment we looked at each other and said “Crysalys!”. At once we liked the sound of those letters together and the meaning of the word. Music for me is like a beautiful butterfly flying free in the sky of life. I just want to release this beautiful creature from its chrysalis to make our music fly with the wind of emotions… (A chrysalis or nympha is the pupal stage of butterflies. The name is of Greek origin. In Greek chrysós or χρυσός means gold.)

You have released three CD’s. Will you continue to play those songs or (as happens often with splits) concentrate on new work?

Well, I think that we will keep on playing old stuff, especially during our the gigs, but I can’t assure you that they will sound the same as on our CDs. We will work on our old stuff just to break the ice with the new members and, after this, we’ll focus on new songs! We wish to record a full length by winter 2010!

But there is also some good news. Chiara will participate with the upcoming Beto Vazquez album. “The Argentinean bass player and songwriter Beto Vazquez in his career has worked with a lot of great artists around the world like: Tarja Turunen (ex Nightwish), Candice Night (Blackmore’s Night), Sabine Edelsbacher (Edenbridge), Fabio Lione (Rhapsody), Liv Kristine (Leaves’ Eyes), Floor Jansen (After Forever) and many others..” Can you already reveal some details about this project?

No I can’t ahah! I can only say that I’m working on the song on which I have to sing. I think that I’ll record it after the second week of September. Beto sent me the lyrics and the instrumental part of my song… This new experience is a challenge and, of course, a honour for me!

And how did you got in touch with Beto Vazquez?

I already knew Beto’s music, since I’m a big fan of Tarja Turunen and Nightwish . One day I found a message from him in the mailbox of Crysalys’ Myspace, in which he asked me to sing on the new Beto Vazquez “Infinity” album. I was so excited… Actually, I don’t even know how he found me, but I really respect him and his carrer and I can’t wait to complete that song and record it!

The last question: is there anything the reader should know that I have not asked?

Uhm, I think you’ve asked me a lot of important things! I just want to say a big THANK YOU to all our devoted fans that supported us so warmly in these days… I’m really touched and thankful. I usually call this kind of magic MUSIC. This is a hard moment of my life… but I’ll definitely keep fighting and singing for all the people that believe in me and in Crysalys. They call me Phoenix and there’s a reason why..



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