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Interview by Miriam C.

For the second time we give space to one of the most eclectic act of the last years : Diablo Swing Orchestra. This time we have had the pleasure to have a nice SkyPe chat with Daniel Håkansson for unleash more details about the third album “Pandora’s Piñata”.

Hi Daniel, first of all how are you?Do you mind present your band telling a little about the Diablo Swing Orchestra‘s history?

Our ancestors performed orchestral works in defiance of the ruling church at the time. The orchestra was forced to go into hiding, performing in secret, with the assistance of oppressed peasants during the era. After years of performing for the pleasure of these peasants, the story claims that the church put a bounty on the performers lives, and that this bounty was so high that the orchestra knew they would soon be captured, and thus chose to play a spectacular final show before becoming martyred to the church. We got letters back in 2003 and did some research to find each other and since that day we perform as Diablo Swing Orchestra.

We are here for speak and introduce “Pandora’s Piñata”, DSO third album. What you can tell about its genesis? When you have started composing it?

The songs on the new album I started to write for back in 2010 but we didnt start seriously to arrange the songs until 2011.

Ok.. who’s like the recording process an a DSO album? I mean you have first the music and after you compose the lyrics or it viceversa?

First normally comes a rytmical idea (beat or riff) and if it’s interesting enough I start to try and find a melody that fits. When that is done I normally start to find the “theme” for the song (arrangemets etc) Then me and Pontus (guitar & FX) do demos for the others to take part of to start working on their parts. too.

And when Annlouice comes in?

When the demos are send out. I normally check the key of the songs with her before we finish them so that the intervals are suitable for her voice.

So connecting to this question.. What you reply if I ask to say more about her – I mean her musical background and stuff like that? And how she got involved in this project?

She is a classically trained singer and works full time as an opera singer here in Sweden. She was introduced to the band when we started to look for a singer by the opera house’s PR department. She got to hear a demo and she liked it and the rest is history =)

So she sing in the theatres as full time job?

Yes, indeed. We gain a lot for all her experience on stage even if it’s a bit different.

Well, I think that something different from the usual singer helps to get more people to like your music and be noticed, I mean people get curious.

Yes, it gives the band a certain flavour also a different flavour that after can attract different people from different musical ambients

At your concerts I bet we can find a metalhead, someone who likes jazz and why not opera… but the metalhead but be really openminded.

Sure, we seem to have a mixed crowd.

And talking aboout crows and live gigs… it sound strange to me that, according to the press release that I have in my hand, it’s hard playing gigs in US and Northern Europe. Why? On the contrary, for DSO music it’s very easy planning tours in South America. What the differences between the 2 continents? I mean, in my point of view since you’re close, should be more easy organize concerts in Europe instead in SA…

Well, we do have a much bigger following there which the promoters have picked up upon. It’s starting to get better in Europe and we’ve signed with an italian booking agency so we will do a full blown tour in italy in the future. Also more gigs in europe will follow. They are just not finalized yet. It’s probably the latin vibes in many of the songs that makes it work really well over there.

Now talking a little about the lyrics — I quote the press release about the album’s theme – “The theme of ”Pandora’s Piñata”, are the seven cardinal sins that one can imagine falling out of this like-no-other-audio-visual-piñata”. Well, you can explain to us the real concept of the album because I haven’t really caught the sense, maybe it’s my fault but I haven’t really understood it and I for this I want to give you free speech and hear directly from the mastermind the truth hahaha….

Yeah, that theme is more in the artwork than lyrics. The lyrics are of a more personal level and based on my own experiences.

Mmh.. interesting so are you gonna unveil more details about it? Because you have really anticipated my next question…

The only differnet one is “Guerilla Laments” which I wrote based upon many email and letters we get saying our music has helped them though tough times.

Nice to know it, for the artist (in these case you) should be like heaven reading those letter and emails…

Well, I’m glad that the music can help them but I’m quite horrified what people have to go though not very nice stuff and most time I don’t feel qualified to answer

It’s quite common that people tries/finds something to attach on because those words/melodies helps them not to give up I think that no one is qualified for the replies.

True, but I am glad that what we do can help peole. I truly am.

You know, the reality it’s so brutal that sometimes we need to get away for it and sounds sweet be embraced by the music.

Yeah, it’s one way to have a brief excape from everyday life.

Exactly..turning back to the artwork side.. I know that Peter Bergting for the second time is working with you for all the “Pandora’s Piñata” graphics but who’s Peter Bergting and can tell us more about him and his work to who don’t know him yet?

He’s quite well know here in Sweden and thoughout the world in come circels as a illustrator and have done some high profile jobs. He used to be Anders’ teacher in university and they have kept in touch since then.

Interesting.. never imagine that, really! Congrats to him and Anders. Watching the site we get a preview of the album artwork with this 2 childrens and the snake. Can talk you more about its visual concept?

We always want to wrap up what the music is a bout in titles and art work. The music has both a playful and an aggressive/dark side to it. The name “Pandora’s Piñata” kind of encapsulates it. It kind of shows how someone is tricked into let some malign out that is wrapped out in a pretty package.

Sounds like the reality to me and the everyday society.

Yeah, good point 😉

Well, you know I haven’t imagined that I was thinking something more fantastic and unrealistic the meaning of the title..

Yeah, we wanted a title that both wrapped up the album and piqued the listerer’s interest.

Well I was talking about the previous album and that’s it – If I recall well, your last album that you publish was on 2009 with “Sing Along for the Damned and Delirious” under Ascendance Records. Why took you so long to publish a new platter?

It seems that it takes us about 3 years to write and record an album, it was the same amount of time between the 1st and 2nd record as well (2006-2009-2012) so next time is 2015 then =)

Yes, but this sounds so funny like the three time table haha.

Yeah, I wish we were faster but it seems we dont really control it.Songs are done when they are done.

And “Pandora’s Piñata” is your first album under Candlelight Records, finally I’m so happy you, you’ve reached the ambitious deal with a prestigious label. How was the first approch with them? I mean who contacted who, when happened the first contact?

Actually we first realeased the first record it ourselves and later it picked up by Candlelight and but this time we had the deal with Candlelight figured out form the start and they seem to do some good work with the promotion.

Let me understand before to sign properly with them you have only a distribution deal?

Well, we licened the album to the one year after we released the “Butcher’s Ballroom” ourselves.

Reading the 2012 live line up I’m noticed that the only real change is the drummer: why Petter Karlsson is not coming on tour with you?

Petter decided to leave since he wanted to focus on his own music.

Still talking about line ups that are changing, can you talk more about the new members Martin Isaksson and Daniel Hedin? What are their musical background?

They are both classically trained and were brought in as session musicians for “Sing Along for the Damned and Delirious” and we got along really well and they added so much to the band so we decided they should join the band

Any plans for a DVD/live album? It should be an interesting release to buy…

We’ll do it as soon as we feel we’re good enough and have the money to do it properly .

Daniel, we’re at the end. I really thank you for everything!! Thanks so much for the interview!!!!

Thanks for a nice one yourself.



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