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The Netherlands has given us so many amazing metal bands. It is also well know for its birth of great gothic and symphonic metal bands. One up and coming band from this genre is Evil’s Desire fronted by Daphne Gobius du Sart. With their newest release “Initium” we caught up with the classically trained vocalist to hear her thoughts on and stories of where the band is heading.

So what was it that drew you into the genre of symphonic and gothic metal that Evil’s Desire plays?

I remember a long time ago, I was in my teens or so, buying my first Nightwish CD after hearing one of their single’s on the radio. At first I was intimidated by the overwhelming metal sound of it all. But it grew on me and I became a fan of the genre and bought many more CDs after that. The symphonic element was present from a very young age. I used to sing in a children’s choir and we often participated in classical music so I was exposed to that type of music from an early age on. I find the combination of the classical together with the metal influences the most interesting type of music. It had so many layers and every time you listen to it, you discover something new.

So very true! In the past 5 years how has being in Evil’s Desire changed you life? Was this your first metal band you have performed in?

Before Evil’s there was another band, which never made it to the stage, so one can say Evil’s Desire is my first real band. Being in the band has changed me a lot in different aspects of life. There’s the creative part where I get to let everything out and channel my thoughts into music. I love writing songs and lyrics and let my imagination go wild when I write them. Besides that, I learned a lot about performing in front of a crowd. I can sometimes be a bit shy and timid, but there’s no room for that on stage. I am far from a pro, but learning each time we have another gig.

Regarding your newest release “Initium” ho
w has the response been so far?

To be brutally honest: we have had a little bit of everything. Generally, people within the genre seem to really love and appreciate what we do. We’ve had great reviews and a got a deal with Ravenheart Records, which we are all really excited about. But “Initium” is of course not a mainstream record and you can’t exactly call it easy listening either. But you can’t please everyone. I do want to add that as a band we are really proud of this production because every aspect of it we did ourselves, from artwork to recording. It’s something we all cherish.

Of course, it’s your baby! What is your favourite song from the release and why?

That must be “Perfection”. I love how the tension builds up and the energy it radiates.

What is your favourite part about being in the studio?

We recorded everything in the home studio of Eric Mol. He also did all the mixing. We are very grateful that he was willing to put the time and effort into this production. The actual recording didn’t take us that long but the whole production took a year and a half. It was the first time for us in his studio and the first time for Eric recording in it so it was a learning process for all of us. Since we recorded everything in his house, there was no time pressure and the atmosphere was very relaxed so I liked every part of the recording of “Initium”.

So regarding a label, congratulations on signing with Ravenheart! I actually know the owner myself, how has working along side with Dave Smith been for you?

He is an amazing guy! We have visited him in the UK and we had such a great time! So far we haven’t been able to get much work done, since we cannot seem to get our CDs mailed over due to postal problems. A bit goofy, but we hope to fix it soon and be up and running after the holidays.

So speaking of more big names, I had read on your official site that you have taken vocal lessons from Floor Jansen from After Forever and ReVamp! How did you score such an opportunity and what was working with her like?

Floor teaches singing lessons in The Netherlands so one can approach her for the opportunity. Unfortunately she lives 3 hours away, so when I had finished university and started working I had to give it up. Floor is an amazing singer and she has mastered every singing technique I know of. I learned a lot from her. I just started taking lessons again a few weeks ago closer to home. I like learning new techniques and strive to keep improving my voice.

That’s a great musicianship approach. Either than the style you sing in right now, is there any other genres of music you would like to explore and sing in?

I would love to be able to belt. Unfortunately I have tried it and my voice doesn’t seem to agree with it. So I will stick to a mix of classical and pop. To hear some great belting being done, listen to one of Floor Jansen’s more recent albums.

Oh for sure, she is legendary for such a technique. Going back to the genre of gothic, symphonic metal, what are some of your favourite bands/artists?

Of course I love Floor. Other favourites include System of a Down, Nightwish, Placebo, Radiohead, Lacuna Coil, Rammstein. And I love those old 40`s singers such as Anita O’ Day.

Very cool. When did singing start for you anyways? How old were you and who inspired and supported you to start singing?

There are pictures of me singing with a pink karaoke set in front of the TV when I was about 5. As a child I used to sing everywhere I went, so my mom encouraged me to enter a children’s choir around the age of 8. She sings in 2 choirs herself, so she has always supported me in my singing. I had a proper singing education at the choir and stayed there for 6 years. After that I took private singing lessons. Several years later, I started doing auditions for bands.

Either than singing do you play any instruments? How long have you been playing them for?

I used to play the guitar when I was a kid but had to give it up when the choir became to demanding. At the moment I understand just enough piano to accompany myself with some chords while I write new songs.

Either than music, which is life, what else do you do I your free time? Do you have any hobbies or pass times?

I like working out. I go running, skating and biking. Other than that I’m into girly stuff like shopping and beauty. And you can always make my day with a good horror or zombie movie!

Most definitely! Well thanks for doing this interview Daphne! All the best with Evil’s Desire!

Thanks Lindz for your interest in Evil’s Desire and all the best to you too!!



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