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Interview by Marc “Peston” Sels

Brasil. Pele, football, almost naked women dancing the samba at Rio’s carnaval, but also the favelas, the disappearing rainforest and indian tribes. In this enormous country is a very active metalscene, and from this metalscene I had a short talk with Debora Serri, frontwoman of Seven Angels. Hope you enjoy this interview from this promising band soon. In the mean time you can try to find their cd’s (not an easy task, believe me, I haven’ found them yet) and hope to see them soon on a European stage.

The first, and usually boring question, can you give us a brief history of Seven Angels? (members, cd’s etc.)

Seven Angels is a melodic metal band with christian lyrics. Me and my husband Karim (Guitar) are the band formers. It was born in 1999. We have always lived from the music market. We are professional musicians, we played in coverbands for years but at this time we decided to form our own band and Seven Angels was born. We had from this time four different line-ups that can be checked at our home page. We recorded a 3 song demo-cd and 2 full lenght cd’s, “The Second Floor” (2002) and “Faceless Man” (2005). We play heavy metal because we love it, and no matter the line-up changes, we’ll always play metal!

Most of us over here in Europe think about Sepultura or Angra when you mention Brasil (and football and carnaval of course), but is there a big music (metal) scene ?

Yes, we have a big metal scene down here in Brasil with a lot of great metal bands. But from 3 years ago the scene has changed a lot, maybe due to the increasing of illegal downloads, it’s harder now to sell CD’s and to have money to keep recording new albums.

The Brasilian Indians are, together with the rainforest, endangered. Does this interest the musicians, are is music just for fun?

Brasilian Indians are in danger since the Portugueses arrived here in 1500. A lot of them are now civilized and nowadays we only have about 30.000 of them in our country between 180 million Brasilian citizens. We have a lot of programs from the government to protect them, but it’s not sufficient, unfortunately the progress doesn’t stop and the weaker will suffer more. About this on lyrics, we don’t use it, but it’s possible. Some bands have used those themes, but we never did it.

Have you played in Europe or North America yet?

Not yet. We are planning a tour in Europe for 2010 or 2011. Our last album was distributed in the USA and Europe by Bombwork Records but we never toured in the USA. We have a great public in South America and we have toured down here some times.

How would you describe your music? I would call it Female fronted power.

Female fronted woman melodic power metal.

What is for you the difference between touring and playing live, and recording in the studio?

These are two different sensations and both unique. Stage is pure adrenaline and studio is concentration. At the stage, we are free, no pressure. At the studio, everything must sound perfectly. These are incredible and amazing sensations.

When you are touring, can you see something from the cities you’re in, or is it just back in the bus/plane and to the next city?

Both. We never know what will happen. We always try to do what the public is expecting from us. But we like a lot to know new places, new cultures and new countries.

Can you live by being a musician or do you (and the other bandmembers) have got a regular job?

Me and my husband Karim are actually surviving on the music industry by teaching, playing or recording music, the others have regular jobs.

The famous musician Gilberto Gil was minister of culture for a while. Did this change a lot for the musicians in Brasil?

Not for the metal market. Maybe for the Brasilian popular music, but not for us.

What is for you the book, move, cd and concert of 2009, and why of course?

Book : “The Future of Humanity”, from a Brasilian writer called Augusto Cury, I’m a fan, I learned a lot from him.

Music: That’s a difficult question, but the first one in my mind is….“Alone” from the band Heart. I love Ann Wilson. I always try to know what she is doing, she’s an amazing singer.

Concert: The best one I have ever seen was Helloween in Sao Paolo in 2003, the best one we have ever performed was Seven Angels playing at that same concert as guest appearance, everything was perfect, unforgettable.

CD: Stratovarius’ “Visions of Europe” live.

What can we expect in 2010? A new cd? Touring in Europe?

We have a big dream, it’s about touring in Europe. We will work very hard to do this. We also will record a new cd.

And at last, any famous last words?

Thank you Marc for the opportunity of this interview. We really hope that the Brasilian scene will grow up again in 2010. The best to you and the mag.



Debora Serri :  Twitter * Site

Seven Angels : MySpace


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