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 Interview by Lindz Riot

Finally after all the years of hard work the gothic metal band from Germany known as Katanga is getting the recognition they deserve. Recently signed to Massacre Records and also with the release of their debut “Moonchild” they are making waves in the femme metal community. Their lead singer Doreen has joined us here at Femme Metal to talk more about Katanga and their current successes.

Hello Doreen! I first off want to say thank you so much for doing this Interview with us at Femme Metal Webzine!

Not at all, it’s a pleasure.

So congratulations on signing with Massacre Records! How has that experience been for you and the band so far?

Thank you, we are all very pleased with our new record deal. Cooperation has been as perfect as we expected of the good name of Massacre Records up to now.

How and when did Katanga form? When did you join the band?

Katanga was formed in 1999, I joined in 2004 and thus completed the current line-up.

For you CD “Moonchild” what was recording the album like? Did you enjoy being in the studio?

To work on our album “Moonchild” with producer Ron Thiele was a blast! I enjoyed being in the studio very much. Working with Ron was very professional indeed. Being in Berlin gave me the opportunity of enjoying some of Germany’s finest nightlife into the bargain [smirks].

How has the response to your music been since you have released “Moonchild”?

There are mixed responses, to tell you the truth, but that is to be expected. We always try to challenge expectations and try to avoid being pigeon holed easily – that can put some people off, others are delighted.

What is the live experience like for your band? How would you describe the chemistry on stage?

We tend to be very energetic on stage, it is really a metal performance crossed with some nods toward the Gothic scene. We try to communicate to the people in the audience how much fun we have with our music – we live and die to play live.

Who are some of the bands biggest influences? Who writes the music and lyrics in Katanga?

Katanga‘s music is almost exclusively written by our lead-singer Mario, the lyrics are a collaborative effort between him and myself. We tend to be heavily influenced by bands like Metallica, The 69 Eyes and Depeche Mode.

At what age did you start singing?

I started singing in 2001 for real; I tend not to count the nursery rhymes and stuff, though I have been known to sing prior to 2001.

What vocal training do you have?

I started working with a vocal coach in 2001 and have been working with her ever since.

Do you play any instruments?

Yes, I recently started to play the guitar.

Who are some of your favourite singers and artists?

Personally, I like bands like Dreadful Shadows, Zeraphine, Evanescence and The Cranberries.

What can we expect for the future of Katanga? What are some of your plans for the future of the band?

Our immediate future will be devoted to promoting our new material from “Moonchild”, we have some shows in Northern Germany in April and Mai; stay tuned to our online presences for more news.

Thanks so much for your time and for doing this interview! I wish you all the best in the future of Katanga.

Thank you very much, I thoroughly enjoyed it.



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