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 Interview by Marc “Peston” Sels

Anachronia is a Melodic Progressive Metal band from the north of France (Lilles) and they just   released the second album called “One Second Before”. Following now is an interview with leadsinger Fay.

Can you give us a short history of the band, and introduce the current members to us?

The story of AnachroniA begins some 8 years ago with a male singer, then a female singer.
Thanks to an ad at the university, I enter the band in 2004 when the 4 childhood buddies were about to register the first album.
The band was composed of a bassist, a drummer, two guitarists, a keyboardist and me, joined for a while by a male singer.
Because of musical disagreements, the bassist and the keyboardist followed their own way.
Today, we are six members : a “shouting” singer Zwayn, me, two fresh new guitarists Adrien and Ben, the same drummer Djp and Fab the new player.

Your first CD, “The Endless Agony”, was released in 2004. Is 6 years not a long time between the two cd’s?

These last 6 years, many changements happen. In our lives – end of our studies, first job,- and  in the band – different lines up, new will. It’s sure a long time for the audience in a world where new bands appear every day. However, we’re still surprised to see that some people wait for us and are ready to accept the evolution of our style.

You’ve played already at the MFVF in Wieze, wouldn’t you like to come back once more?

We already played twice in MFVF and it was a great pleasure. Nethertheless, we’d like to play in festivals where we would be considered not like a “female” fronted band (I’m the only girl among five boys!) but simply as a metal band.

What was the weirdest place you have ever performed?

In a big plane shed! A plane was suspended right above us and I was always watching it as it was about to fall on us! I was in a ridiculously short shirt (in middle of winter!) and it was freezing like hell! I was crying because i wanted to keep my coat and scarf on me and my nose was red! Really sexy!

How is the new cd selling? Is there a difference between the American, the Asian and the European market?

It sells really well considering we haven’t been onstage yet, we’ve waited 6 years and it doesn’t benefit of a lot of promotion outside of the French market. But our label Great Dane does a great work with the network of Season of Mist to distribute it in Europe. Moreover, MySpace and the internet bring us new fans all over the world. I think that asian, american and european market are more opened than French market. France is not really in metal, not rock n’roll you know.

How’s the metal-scene in France? Any interesting new bands we have to keep an eye on?

French metal bands are not really well received inside our frontiers. Indeed, as we are near Belgium, metal fans prefer to go and see the concert in there. Most of the bands play in bar.
There’s a rising of gothic/female fronted bands who meets success in France. I think that they make people dream. But i’d keep an eye on “male” bands like Klang who propose a more energetic and “fresh” music.

A more macabre question : wich band would you like to play at your funeral? And why?

The Birthday Massacre! LOL. I love their music and world. I want something funny, energetic, i don’t want something sad where everybody cries. People should think of the funny red hair girl.

Are there any singers/musicians/writers/filmmakers you admire?

Not in order:  Tory Amos, Sharon Den Adel, Howard Jones (Killswitch Engage), Benjamin Burnley (Breaking Benjamin); Marc Lévy, Dan Brown, Laurell K. Hamilton, Patricia Briggs; Christopher Nolan, Tim Burton, Luc Besson, Disney  … There are new ones every day!

This year it is 40 years ago Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin died. Have you got some heroes who didn’t survive the “rock-life”?

I’m not the “groupie” kind, so I wouldn’t talk about “heroes” but i’m always sad to see gifted artists and so many others who burns their life so early.

The paradoxe is that their madness or addictions were part of their talent.
Do i dream of the same life? Dying in glory days?

Not at all. I’m not a “Achille”, I prefer to live a long Time without glory than being famous and die fast. But I understand well what means passion for art or music and the solitude and depression it can brings.

British tabloids are paying people to tell false stories about the stars. Are there any stories about you going ’round that are completely untrue?

Fortunately, we’re not at this level! Smile. It’s a good thing. Moreover there are enough evil people who like to bad mouth. Whatever i accept the critics about my work but it’s never cool to hear someone treat your work like s*** just because it’s not their style or because it’s not like something or something else. The best I heard is “AnachroniA is like a tuna mayonnaise sandwich with too much mayonnaise”. Well ok…, I love mayonnaise!

What are the plans for the future? Can we see you on stage soon?

Make the promo of the album, of course. We are going to make a video clip or two for the new songs. Some concerts are planned from November in the north of France (one with Benighted Soul) and our label plans to organise several ones in France in 2011.
We hope to participate to some festivals this summer. For the rest, we’re ready to any offer!

Any “famous last words”?

First of all, thank you for your attention!  Hope that fans and new comers will like this new album. Prepare your ears, AnachroniA is back. See you soon!


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