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Interview by Danny Robertson

Here we get an insight into the Dutch metal band Cardamon, their history and current album “The Primrose Path”, thanks to frontwoman Floortje Donia.

How did it all get started for Cardamon? How did you form?

Thomas (our former drummer) and Koen were looking for a way to express their softer side in metal music, next to their thrash metal band Detonation. They decided they wanted a girl on vocals, they asked me. I knew them still from high school.

Who or what initially influenced you to start a band?

It wasn’t really like that, I was already singing in some small projects and in a cover band when I was asked for Cardamon, so I didn’t start a band. But of course there are a lot of people and musicians who inspire me to make music, which go from Jimi Hendrix to Eric Satie to Opeth..

Where does the band’s name come from?

It was my dad who came up with the name. We thought it was catchy and it represents our spicy side..

What was your local music scene like when you first started? Has it changed much since then?

If you mean the local metal scene, I honestly couldn’t say. I’ve never been an active part of this scene, then or now. I just sing stuff I love. This is a question you should ask my fellas from the band.. But in general the local scene is very active. Utrecht has a load of talent, and it shows! Financially it’s becoming almost impossible though, for talent to surface.. the industry is dead..

How long did it take to put the album “The Primrose Path” together?

Quite a while. We took a long time to write all the songs, working on them a little more, and a little more, and a little more.. In the studio it was no different and with the mixing same story. But it was worth the wait, in the end we presented exaclty the album we aimed for!

Are there any concepts or main themes that run through the album?

The album has some returning themes that appear in the songs. They are about betrayal, mostly by people you trusted. About loneliness, even though you are amongst others. About the urge to find peace, in a place which is filled with noise. Contradictions, failure, desire and truth.

What inspired the album’s title?

It’s about being tempted to pursue happiness coming easily, knowing it’s not going to happen.. You’re deceiving yourself, others deceive us, be careful not to let your guard down, nothing comes easily.

Would you say your sound has changed much over the years?

We decided we wanted to become a little louder. During shows we always realise how the faster, more rocking songs give us so much energy and fun.. So yes, definitely, our second album will be different from “The Primrose Path”. More of a live sound instead of a studio album.

What has been your biggest challenge thus far?

Finances and bureaucrats. We feel the people out there can really appreciate our music, but it is so damn hard to get it anywhere! Unbelieveable! But we’ll keep trying… we’ll keep trying…

Which current acts do you feel you share the most common ground with?

Hard to compare, also ‘cause we’re nowhere near their status, but Katatonia and Anathema are still heroes and we hear comparisons with The Gathering.

What’s next for Cardamon?

Deliver a second album. We’re working hard on it as we speak! I have no idea when or how it will come out, but we’ll make sure it does. Also, we really want to keep playing live as much as we can, because that’s the funnest part!

Any last messages for people?

Keep supporting the bands you like, especially the smaller ones. Let’s make this happen together!



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