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Interview by Si Smith


Do you ever long for the lost days of hair metal, of Motley Crue and Guns’n’Roses? If you do then you could do far worse than checking out the new album from Hollywood Groupies, a rock quartet with a penchant for raunchy tunes like rock used to be, down and dirty. Femme Metal spoke to singer Foxy to dish the dirt on the band….

First thanks for talking to us, and welcome to the Femme Metal Webzine!

Hi everybody!!

I must say that it was a breath of fresh air to hear your debut album, it is nice to hear this kind of music being played again loud and proud. So who’s was the idea of forming this band in the first place?

Thank you so much!! I can say that the idea came from me and Kelly..

The band now consists of yourself, Kelly, Ace and Condor. Was it easy to come to this line-up or were there different people along the way?

Well it’s been a long trip..but it sure has worth all our efforts..there’s always been me, Kelly and Ace, along with other people who thought to go on their own way..and that ‘s how our paths crossed with Condor..

Your sound seems well-defined and clear to listen to. Who does what in the band when it comes to writing songs like these?

Everyone has an important role when it comes to give birth to a song, because we want everyone to feel a song like his own baby, but usually Ace writes the music and I write the lyrics..

As front woman all eyes turn to you when the band plays. What is your vision for the band?

I don’t really have a vision or an idea, everything comes from what you feel and what you want to prove to the audience at the moment, anyway most of the people who bought the album and then saw one of our show said we’re a lot better live, and I agree with them, we’re able to express ourself in a better way..

You must all have gone through different life experiences to get to where you are today. What do you feel each member brings to the band?

Sure..everyone had different life experiences.. emotionally and working adventures, these experiences make everyone the person that they are today, we formed in 2006 so I can proudly say that each one of us is important for the other ones in the band, that’s what makes us special, to share joy and sorrow with your band mates is one of the best things ever. So I can’t really tell you what each members brings to the band but I can surely tell you everyone brings something important to be a special band.. 🙂

A demo was released in 2007. What happened to this demo?

What do you mean..has it become a gem?! If so I’m gonna sell it on eBay right now! hahah! There were not so many copies, there were just a few songs and just one is still alive and kickin’ in our setlist nowadays which is “Swallow This..” but we we’re thinking about “covering” one of the songs featured in that demo..

It was 2009 before the band began to get noticed in Europe and the USA – what were the stages along this journey for you?

It was a kind of surprise, we were working to get noticed in Italy and suddenly a lot of people from the U.S. and the rest of Europe started to contact us to say that they appreciated our music..

Getting included on “Glamnation Vol 4” must have been a smart move. How did this deal come along?

Yes it was! They contacted us thru MySpace (which is a powerful way to get noticed for every musician) and we didn’t think about it neither for a second..we said yes! 🙂

“Punched by Millions, Hit by None” is now out and about on the music scene. What does the title of the album refer to?

It refers to every enemy that tries to put you down, everyone has at least one, someone who said to you in your life “you’re not gonna make it “, trying to discourage you.. the ones who try to throw a monkey wrench in the works.. hehe.. the title is the clear answer for that, you can hit me but you can’t beat me..

Last year you played the Free Wheels festival in France alongside many established acts. What are your live plans for this year?

That’ s weird to hear about it now, because right now while I’m answering to you, it recurs one year from Free Wheels festival and I feel pretty melancholy since it was one of our best band experiences and one of the best days of my life.. we’re gonna play a few gigs here in Italy and then we’re gonna play in L.A. on the 4th November at the Whisky a Go Go!

Your singing is very striking in its power. How do you train your voice?

I don’t train my voice at all and that’s one of my biggest mistakes but I don’t feel the need of doin’ it, i just drink a couple of drinks before go on stage.. 🙂

Have you any funny stories from your band to share with us? Or does all go smoothly with you all the time…..?

It never goes smoothly! hahah!! Most of the times it ends up with me and Condor arguing for something.. I think the funniest stories are from our beginning but I can’t remember one in particular, maybe I was not that sober..hehe..

Finally, do you have any words of wisdom to share with your audience? We are listening…..

I’m never the wise one.. the only thing I tell you is always fight for your dreams, if you win you’d be satisfied and if you lose you wouldn’t have any regrets..

Thanks again for the interview, we wish you success in the future.

Thank you so much and thank you for the awesome interview!



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