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Interview by Eetu Niskanen

Echoes of Eternity is an progressive metal band based in Los Angeles. Their debut album “The Forgotten Goddess”, was released in February 2007 via Nuclear Blast Records. The band’s follow up album, “As Shadows Burn”, is set to be released on September 25, 2009 via Massacre Records in Europe and Nuclear Blast in the US.

You are going to release your second album, “As Shadows Burn”, follow up to your great debut album “The Forgotten Goddess” on September, how much work did it take to get it finished?

We worked on the album over the course of 2008, writing music comes easy to us, it’s finding the time that is difficult because we have jobs and responsibilities, unless you’re established it’s hard to make enough money to survive solely as a musician.

How big is the improvement between these albums?

I’d say its like night & day, where “The Forgotten Goddess” is more ethereal and dreamy, “As Shadows Burns” is heavier, darker and more powerful. The production is more in your face.

How would you describe your voice?

I don’t know, I guess you’ll just have to listen for yourself!

Could you tell us something about your fellow bandmates?

Duane the bass player is the quiet one, but rocks the hardest on stage! Brandon, lead guitarist is mysterious, talented and very smart but he’s a hard cat to figure out sometimes. Bryan, rhythm guitars, is the one who will help you if you ever need it, and is fun to party with. Kirk, drums, is the cantankerous one, he’s a whirlwind of energy he’s also the mediator and the backbone of the band. We all get on each others nerves from time to time but overall were all like family.

How would you describe your music to people who have never head it?

It’s technical, melodic and unexpected.

Have you ever had any vocal training?

Not really, I’m shower trained. I decided to take lessons a couple years back to learn how to sing properly so as to not hurt my voice. I took a couple weeks but I found I was thinking about it too much, when I’m singing I rather just let it flow rather than analyzing it. I did get some good warm up techniques out of it though.

“Ten of Swords”, new song from the upcoming album has been posted on your MySpace page, what is it about, any concept or story behind it?

The “Ten of Swords” is the grimmest card in the tarot deck, it’s about hitting rock bottom but picking yourself back up and living your life even in the face of obstacles.

What is your favourite tune from the new album??

“Twilight Fires”, it’s a song about the night, it has great atmosphere.

Is it hard to be the only female on band full of males?

Not really, I’m sort of a tomboy, I get along really well with guys besides at the end of the day, humans are humans regardless of gender.

What kind of music do you listen yourself and how often?

Metal, Rock, Jazz, Country, Electronica, Classical, Middle Eastern, whatever! Pretty much almost anything. I like to keep an open mind.

Who are your biggest influences?

I don’t have any in particular, I’ve been influenced by every kind of music I’ve been in contact with.

What are your plans for the future?

Become a mad scientist, invent something, live on my yacht in the mediterranean and have a party every night! You’re all invited!

Are you planning or having any side-projects?

At the moment no, I don’t have the time. Perhaps in the future.

The final question, there are tons of female fronted bands out there, how do you keep unique?

By combining elements not commonly used together and by avoiding generic sounds typically used in the genre.



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