Interview : Gaelle Pruvost – Sad Siberia




Interview by Marc “Peston” Sels

Sad Siberia is a gothic metal band from the French speaking part of Belgium. In November 2008 they had a serious change of bandmembers. Singer Laetitia, Jean (Bass) and second guitarplayer Nico left the band and were replaced by Jamie Lee on vocals, Christophe on guitar and Gaelle, new on keyboards. She’s with her that I had this interview.

Sad Siberia has changed a lot. Did the change of musicians had any influence on the music? (Do you play harder, softer, more keyboards-orientated?)

Yes, of course! Each person has her own way of playing and has different influences. On the new songs we have written the last months I write my melodies, and I bring my own sound to the band. With three new members it’s logical that we can notice some changes in the interpretation of the old songs, but also in the music itself.

How did you become a member of Sad Siberia?

I’m always looking for new experiences, and as the band was looking for a keyboardplayer, I’ve contacted them. And here I am, in Sad Siberia.

You also play keyboards in Valkyre. Isn’t that hard to combine?

Not really. Valkyre has made a break for one year, looking for a new singer and a new drummer, so I had all my time to give to Sad Siberia. Now Valkyre is back on stage again, I still manage without problems to combine the two bands. I live for music, so two bands is not too much.

Can we expect a new cd in 2010?

A CD I don’t know, but an EP, I think so. It’s time in 2010 that the audience can hear the voice of the new singer, Jamie Lee and our new songs, but the priority of Sad Siberia is first to perform live and to compose in order to present some good material.

You’re taking part in the Metal Female Contest at the Biebob. If you could play at the Metal Female Voices Fest in October 2010, would you see that as a step forward?

I’ve played there in 2007 with Valkyre (and they weren’t bad at all, M.S.), and it really was a great experience. I would be glad to play there again in 2010 with Sad Siberia. Yeah, I think, for a band it would be a step forward. 2009 has already been a new beginning for the band : we’ve played at Raismes Fest in september, and the band has progressed a lot after this event. The Belgian scene now offers more and more good metal bands, and, in my opinion, Sad Siberia is one of them. So if MFVF could be on our road in 2010, that would be a fantastic opportunity.

Are there any plans on touring or playing some festivals in 2010? If yes, which festivals?

Yes of course, we love being on stage and many shows will be announced soon. As festival, we’ll be playing at the Anthinoises in April 2010. Our next show will be in the north of France, on the fifth of december with Rozz, and we’ll perform in Antwerp on februari 6 with Amartia and Skeptikal Mind. But check our MySpace to see all the events!

How did you find of the first Sad Siberia cd?

Difficult to answer…I really like the strong voice of the former singer who was singing on it. Today we play 5 songs of this album live and I like them! Sorry, I can’t tell you more about this CD.






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