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Interview by Danny Robertson

We spoke to vocalist Gogo Melone from Greek metal act Luna Obscura, to get an insight into the band’s history and influences.

How and when did the band first get together?

It was in 2000. In the beginning there wasn’t any major plan on creating LO, we just wanted to experiment with our musical preferences. I met Dimitris and Aris and I joined the band in the recordings of the demo “Darcanda”. The idea to have male and female vocals came easily, I guess that we all loved this combination at that time and somehow we felt it was the right direction for our music.

Who first influenced you to become a vocalist?

As I’ve already said in the past, my first moment with the metal scene was when I bought the “Black Album” by Metallica, so I have the feeling that everything started then. I took vocal lessons, I was in chorus at school, in high school I started to sing in different bands…the usual stuff.

Who/what are the band’s main influences as a whole?

Lyrically we’re inspired by human psychology, moments in everyday life, our feelings and thoughts, sometimes by poetry and books!

How would you describe your sound to those unfamiliar with the band?

Our sound has atmospheric, death, gothic elements with harsh male and clean female vocals.

How long did it take to write and record “Feltia”? Had your sound changed at all since the early demo days?

I guess it’s more mature now, has many dark elements, better balance in the vocal lines, better production but we are still in the same genre with our previous releases. The whole approach with this album was always so serious and important for us because we wanted to do everything in the right time, with the right people. After a small break and the release of the EP “Evilyn”, we’ve started to work again. The problem was that we had already enough songs ready, recorded in different periods and so much new stuff. It took us 5-6 months to refresh and make the old songs to fit with the new. We’ve spent nearly a year with the recordings and the mixing of the album. It was a really tough period for all, especially for our guitarist Dimitris who is responsible for the most parts of our music and he did the whole work with the producers of this album.

What would you say has been your biggest non-musical influence?

Red wine and candles…. are killer inspiration :))).

What’s your local scene like back in Greece? Is it easy for bands like yourself to get noticed?

Without the internet and the press, it couldn’t be easy for anyone, you need everything…good music and good promotion as well. The Greek Metal scene is growing and many bands have started to act in a more professional way…this is really good. Of course the metal music industry has the normal ups and downs but people are always interested to discover new bands and artists.

Which other bands/acts, past or present, do you feel you share the most common ground with?

Maybe Draconian, Trail of Tears, Tristania, Theatre of Tragedy, Crematory and every band with death and gothic elements.

What have been your career highlights so far? What are your main goals and ambitions?

This album gave us everything and it’s the start for our career. As for the goals and ambitions, we just want to share our music with the people, be creative and record another good album! Sometimes it’s good to have a low profile and not expect so much.

What’s next for the band?

Well, we just got signed with Casket Music/Copro Records, so the next plans are new album and gigs!

Any last messages for people?

A big hello and thanks to all of our fans! For those who don’t know us please listen to “Feltia” and hope it gives you something good to remember!



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