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Interview by Erwin Van Dijk

An interview with Hadassa from theNAME about their new EP “Enchained”. This interview is with Hadassa Kosten, the singer of the band.

The Excess Studio is a favourite place for metal bands to record their albums. Think of After Forever (“Reimagine”), Asrai (“Touch in the Dark”), and the more brutal stuff like Gorefest (“La Muerte”), Sinister (“Creative Killings”) and Prostitute Disfigurement (“Left In Grisly Fashion”). Why did you choose this studio?

We heard a lot of good stories about this studio and we liked the sound of some of the bands that recorded there. I also liked the fact that they have experience with mixing female vocals with metal.

The EP was recorded and mixed by Chris vd Valk and mastered by Hans Pieters. Hans Pieters is the man at the Excess when it comes to mastering but why did you choose Chris vd Valk for the recording and mixing part?

We heard good stories about Chris from band members of Magion, so we decided to give him a call. Once we met him we believed he would be able to make our new EP sound really nice.

And, did Chris have any influence on the music?

Not really. The songs as we wrote them, or as Silas wrote them, were recorded the same as they were written. I liked working with Chris, because he has a great hearing. If I was of tune, which was rarely the case of course :), he heard it immediately and pushed me to do it better.

Song by song: what can you tell us about the new songs? About the music & lyrics?

“Enchained”: Is about someone that does way too much for the one he/she loves. He/she knows that, but sometimes you know you have to change your behaviour but you can not do it (yet)… I think it’s a real theNAME song: rough guitars, great drums, functional bass playing and catchy vocals. I mainly liked to sing the chorus after the bridge, because we never have parts like that in our songs.

“One”: Is about two lovers who become one again after a long, difficult period. The boys weren’t sure if they wanted to call it “One”, because of the song of Metalica. I think it represents the core of my lyrics, so in the end this song kept it’s name. I like that this song is also on the new EP, because it’s a bit different from the other theNAME songs. For this song I used an other part of my voice sometimes, which I liked doing for a change. I mainly like the middle part with the great solo of Silas.

“Mirror”: Is about someone who comes to see he/she is playing a part which is the dream of his/her lover. I really like the lyrics. It was my idea, but I wrote them together with my friend Anoesjka. I liked recording the middle part, because I never talk in middle parts. I think this one is really a theNAME song as well; rough and catchy.

“No Retractation”: Is a about the most perfect love between two lovers which also embraces all its imperfections. This is the only song of the EP I didn’t wrote the lyrics for, but I really love them. I really like to sing this song; it’s something else from what we do in general. I would be bored though, if this was the style theNAME always played. I really would miss headbanging and running around the stage. I think this song also shows what a great guitarist Silas is and what a great drummer Salvador. And listen to the solo of Silas; it’s beautiful…

Are these songs much different from your older work?

Not much, I think. You can still very much hear it’s theNAME. I just think our music gets more and more mature and therefore better. I think all the parts in the songs fit each other better and better. I think we’re playing it better and better as well.

This was not your first time in a studio. What have you done different this time?

Not really. I just wanted it to sound as good as I could, as always.

When can we expect a full length album or will we have to wait until theNAME has found a new drummer?

I hope next year. We better have a new drummer than; I can not wait to play a lot again and write new music.


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