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Interview by Marc “Peston” Sels

Another band from Finland is Lunar Path. They call their music “Epic metal with a hard hitting rock edge”. They released a demo (2007), a single (2008) and a EP (2009) so far, so it’s time to have an interview with Janica, leadvocalist of the band.

What the hell do you mean with “epic metal with a hard hitting rock edge”?

Well, it’s of course really hard to describe music in general, to its full rights. The “epic” part comes from the atmosphere in it, our music gives room for hope and maybe to escape to an other place in the songs, there is more to it, than you may see/hear at first notice. The “hard hitting rock edge” we use to describe the attitude in it. We’re strong and firm in our music and still catchy enough to get to your deepest core.

By the way, have you found a new bassplayer yet?

The search is still open, but we have some really good candidates on our hands.

Can you introduce the members of Lunar Path to us?

Ok. Lunar Path is Jonas, the music writing, stay-at-home-dad with a huge knowledge about music. He is also always on top of things and has always got new ideas for the band. Tuukka is our beautiful adonis, hard working, strong and owning a big passion for the music and especially for the stage. Pete is the entrepreneur, who is always (and seemingly often the only one) on time, like a klicktrack. Pete is really passionate about his playing as well and with him nothing is ever impossible, he will always fix it somehow. Me, I’m the organizing, fixing, glueing, calling, making all the practicall arrangements one and I try to make it my point to always know everything that is going on in the band. I’m also the bitching, mean one who always is late and always yell at the others but in between I have time to be very loving, warm and huging as well.

The concurrence must be enormous in Finland. How do you manage to stay alive and get a record deal?

I believe we stay alive cause of the will to do this. It really is the core and the essence of us all and we always come back to it, no matter how many other things there is on the way. For me it’s an escape and a must, it comes naturally and whenever something is fucked up its music I turn to. It has also been a joke between us that music is the only thing we know, so we can’t really do anything else.. hehh.. and so far all of our recordings have been released by our own company…

How would you present Lunar Path to a person who has never heard of you?

Lunar Path is a melodic metal band with female vocals. We have a great deal of balls and fire and attitude, on stage in particular. Lunar Path‘s music is something you can sing along too but bang your head to at the same time. The orcestrations play a really big role in creating the atmosphere, depth and flow, while the guitar wall knocks you down and keep you grounded.

Do you read the reviews/critics of your CD’s and shows? If no, why not? If yes, what do they mean to you?

Yes I do. I wanna know what is thought about the creations I’ve made with my own blood sweat and tears. Since I’m also very eager to learn I try to get as much inspiration and new ideas as possible. Of course I don’t blindly do all the things that they suggest should be done in the reviews, then we would have a deathmetal band rapping about magic swords and I would be a transvestite by now, but all constructive criticism is always welcome and even prefered.

If you could take just five cd’s to a deserted island, wich five would it be? And why of course.

Hmm.. hard one! If it’s a warm and tropical island I would probbably take something suiteing for that. Ulver“A Quick Fix of Melancholy” is a brilliant record, and always makes me peacefull and creative, so that would be good for coming up with fresh ideas to get food. Rammstein“Mutter” is a workout record for me, so that I would take to stay in shape. Velcra“Hadal” is also a brilliant piece, that one I would take to prevent myself from dying of boredome. Shpongle “Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland” would be my party/island explooring music. And then I would take Within Temptation“Heart of Everything” to have some good sing-along music as well.

Which band(s)/singer(s) do you admire?

I really like Loreena McKennit, to mention one, but there is so much and many brilliant ones out there that it’s impossible to list them all.

Is there a song you wish you had written?

Umm, not really, but if there had to be one, I wish I’d written Nightwish “Bye Bye Beautiful”, because it’s a great hit and cause the girls in the video look so cool that I would really have loved to star in the musicvideo. Hehee…

What are the plans for 2010?

The recording of our first full-lenght album is gonna be the main thing of the year. We should have started already, but since Jonas broke hes leg really badly in the arson at our rehersal place earlier this year, we´re forced to reschedule the recordings with a couple of months, and since we want to make it something really special, we do not want to rush into it either.

And last but not least, any “famous last words”?

Excuse me for the mess – Hunter S. Thompson



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