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Interview by Danny Robertson, Marc Sels & Miriam C.

We spoke to Jessica from German folk metal act Lyriel to get the story behind the new album “Paranoid Circus” and more news about the band.

How did the band first get together?

Lyriel was formed in autumn of 2003. Oliver, Sven and Dani had been in a band called Sorrowsend. Oliver decided to found a side project with me and the other Sorrowsend-members joined the new project. We chose to add some other instruments and Lyriel was born.

Who are your main influences as a band?

Partially our music is inspired of the fantasy world and other musicians in this scene. It is sometimes not easy to find music that contains all our musical taste. We try to find a way and solution that is based on this concept. But we try also to develop our own kind of music and style. This is the idea behind Lyriel.

How long did it take to write and record “Paranoid Circus”?

The creative process just began after the release of “Autumntales”. So we worked almost three years at this album. It sounds very long but a great attention to detail costs a lot of time and gives the album that certain something. We haven’t got that possibility at the first two albums.

Are there any musicians that you admire?

There are a lot of good musicians in this world but I don’t admire anyone special.

What are the album’s main themes and concepts?

The main themes are several situations in life and its consequences and also personal experiences.

What inspired the album’s title?

We thought that “Paranoid Circus” is the suitable title of the sometimes paranoid situations of life which we described in the songs.

What would you say are the main differences between the new album and previous releases?

“Paranoid Circus” sounds mellower. The first two albums were more an expedition of our own style and sound. Something what can be recognised with Lyriel. Our music gets more folk-influences and less of the Middle Ages. “Paranoid Circus” sounds modern and different as “Autumntales” or “Prisonworld”.

Do you prefer to play live on stage or the studiowork (recording, writing new songs, rehearsals…)?

I, personally, prefer to play live on stage. I’m never satisfied when I’m singing in the studio. My voice is much better with a bit of adrenalin in it ;).

On the first CD there was a song in Elvish. Are you a Tolkien-fan? If yes, did you like the Lord of the Rings-movies?

I think we all are little Tolkien-fans but not fanatic. It was just an idea and the speech sounds very interesting. I like the movies and they are in my personal collection.

You played with Sabine Dünser, and she was a guest on the first CD. How was she to tour and work with?

Sabine was one of the nicest persons I’ve ever met. She was so native and we had the luck, to meet such a person on our first tour. She liked our music. One evening on the toilet, I catched her, singing “The Crown of the Twilight”. This was very funny. We were so delighted that she followed our invite to sing on the album. Although she was a little ill, she gave her best and brought her ideas into the melodies of the song. We miss her!

Are there any interesting young female fronted bands in Germany?

Oh – there are so many, like Xandria, Leaves Eyes, Jennifer Rostock etc.

Which current acts would you say you share the most common ground with?

Blackmore’s Night, The Gathering, Loreena McKennitt, Xandria, Within Temptation.

What is the band’s greatest aim/ambition?

We try to reach as many people all over the world with our music.

Where the fans can buy the “Live auf Burg Greifenstein 2005” DVD and if it is sold out, as expected, shall is planned to publish out like a rerelease?

I’m sorry, it isn’t planned at the moment, to re-release it but it is available at YouTube.

What’s next for the band? Where can we next expect to see you perform?

We plan to produce a video of one of the songs. Anyway a tour to present “Paranoid Circus” is planned for this year and a few live dates are already fixed: 30.04.2010: Walpurgisnacht 2010, Bockwitz/Ger 02.-04.07.2010: 2. Bordun Rocknächte, Halle/Ger 11.-12.09.2010: Rollfeld Festival, Großhain Airport/Ger

Is music an escape from reality, or does it have to be critical concerning political and society?

Music is my passion. I just love to sing. Most of the lyrics are written by Linda and she described the critic on the society sometimes. I think one song of “Paranoid Circus” “Welcome” describes the whole feeling we have for music very well. (“Healing just as ruin – but it´s worth the fall it´s our last escape”).

What is for you the cd, movie, book and live show of 2009?

More a book then a movie. Most of the lyrics base on personal experiences but not only of 2009.

Any last messages for people?

We like to greet and thank all our fans. We know that they had to wait more than three years for a follower of “Autumntales”. Thank you for your patience! We hope “Paranoid Circus” can compensate this.  Please visit our pages (below you can find the links). There you can listen to our music.



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