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Interview by Danny Robertson

Check out Sister Sin – the Swedish rock’n’ roll quartet hailing from Gothenburg, who recently supported their heroes Motorhead whilst on tour in the US. Here, singer Liv gives us an update.

How did the shows with Motorhead go? It must have been quite an experience to be supporting an act who’ve influenced you all for so long!

We had a blast!! It was a dream come true for all of us to support Motorhead. Both shows went very well and it was truly amazing to play in front of a full sold out show!

Did you win many new fans from the Motorhead crowd?

Absolutely! I think we got a good amount of new fans. People were standing in line waiting for photos and autographs after the show and we sold a lot of CD’s, I think we did a really good job and people seemed to really enjoy our show.

Got any tour stories you’d like to share? Any strange or unusual experiences?

Hmm no not really, everything went very smooth during the shows with Motorhead. But on the tour we did before with Faster Pussycat, we had a lot of trouble! Our van broke down like 3 times during the tour and we nearly missed a show waiting at a truckstop for 7 hours for a new ride to the show that evening. When we finally got to the gig, we were 45 minutes too late and only got to play 3 songs.

Let’s go back to the beginning – how did the band first get together?

Well, at the beginning we had another bass player and guitarist, and they and drummer Dave formed the band in 2002. I had put out an ad in a magazine looking for a rock band and one of them called me and told me they really wanted a male singer, but maybe I could try anyway. So I did and they didn’t audition any other after that, so I guess I did make a good impression, haha! Since then, me and Dave have been looking for the right members and now it feels like we found them! Both Jimmy and Benton suit the band perfectly.

You hail from Gothenburg, a place normally associated with melodic death metal, thanks to bands like At the Gates, In Flames, etc. Given that yours is a very different sound, was it difficult for you to get shows and build a local fanbase in the early days?

Yes a little actually and still in Gothenburg that sound is dominant but the more hard rock/old school sound is beginning to come back.

You’re described on your MySpace profile as being the new ambassadors of ‘Street Metal’ – who first came up with that term?

That is a good question, and I don’t remember who first came up with that, haha. But I think it suits us very well. We are just true hardworking rock, very down to earth – very street, nothing fancy. We don’t expect things to happen, we make them happen!

What would you say has been your biggest non-musical influence?

Just everyday life! From both close in our own lives and that very big, big unpredictable world.

The Motorhead shows aside, what do you feel have been the high points of your career thus far?

Well playing at Masters of Rock in the Czech Republic for 5000 people and with bands like Doro and Cradle of Filth was pretty amazing. And then playing at the Sweden Rock Festival last year was a dream come true too!

Who are your favourite current acts?

My personal favourites are Airbourne and Deathstars. We met the singer of Soilwork while in the US and they are working on a new album, and I am looking forward to that very much.

Are there any new bands back in Gothenburg that you’d recommend to people?

Maybe not Gothenburg, but I think people should check out Hysterica and Babylon Bombs, good Swedish bands!

What’s next for the band? Any tours or future releases in the pipeline?

Yes hopefully both hahha! It’s depending on if we are gonna do more tours this Autumn or not. We really want to tour as much as possible and we are right now working on finding new tours. But if we don’t, the plan is to record a new album early next year. We are working on new songs right now and we are looking forward to giving the world some more kickass heavy metal!



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