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Interview by Erwin Van Dijk

Izegrim is a thrash metal band from the east of the Netherlands. They have done numerous gigs with bands as Destruction and have done gigs at festivals like the Metal Female Voices Fest. Last year Izegrim´s singer and drummer left the band. Marloes, the bass player of Izegrim took Kristien‘s place as grunter.

How did you get into the music business? Did you have other bands before Izegrim?

I started playing guitar several years ago. This came to a point that Jeroen and I started a band together with Rutger (on bass) called Deluzion. We intentionally started Deluzion to play something different, that didn’t fit into the Izegrim-concept. We’ve recorded a mini-cd containing 4 songs in the likes of Göthenburg style. After 2 years things changed within Izegrim, and they asked me to join them, but we’ll talk about that in your next question, hahaha.

And, more important, how did you became a member of Izegrim?

The members of Izegrim were good friends of mine and Anita decided to move to Amsterdam so Izegrim was looking for a girl who could play bass and could take care of the backing vocals. So I took the bass and went to the audition haha you know the rest.

Are there any musicians that you admire?

There are a lot of good musicians in this world but I don’t admire anyone special.

To what kind of music do you listen yourself?

Well, some of my favourite bands are: Kreator, Lamb of God and Machine Head.

How do you see yourself: as a bass player who can sing or vice versa?

First and foremost I see myself as a musician and frontwoman of Izegrim. The fact that I play the bass and take care of all the vocals is just sheer coincidence. I already took care of the backing vocals, so it was a logical step that I’m taking care of all the vocal duties, now that Kristien left us in august 2008. So, how do I see myself? As frontwoman of Izegrim, screaming my lungs out and grooving my ass off on the bass.

What gear do you use?

I don’t think that’s very interesting but okey, you asked for it. I have an Ibanez Soundgear 905, HA3500, Korg tuner, Hartke speaker and I’ve got an SM58.

For the people who have never touched a bass: what’s the difference between a 5 string bass and a normal bass with four strings?

When I started playing bass, I immediately started playing on a 5-string. It actually felt comfortable from the beginning. Jeroen and Bart play 7 string guitars. And that’s why I play 5 string. With a 4 string bass you’ll miss the low-end punch of the b-string.

What are your favourite Izegrim songs live (now you are also the singer of the band) and what are the highlights so far?

My favourite live song so far is “Angel of Demise”. But we are writing new material so maybe in future I’ll prefer another song haha.The highlights with the old line up is our European Tour with Flotsam & Jetsam and Non-Divine March 2008. We went to Austia, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Germany by tourbus. It was great living in a bus for a week and doing shows in venues you’ve never been before. The highlights of the new line-up are Metal Female Voices Fest and our upcoming mini cd. MFVF was fantastic. Huge stage and awesome crowd!! We are busy recording our new MCD so we can show you the new Izegrim.

Izegrim went to a lot of changes this year (2008). The most visible change was the news that Kristien left the band, just after drummer Joep decided to quit Izegrim. You took over Kristien’s place but you is of course a whole different person than Kristien. I’m not going to ask why Kristien left the band (this interview is about you after all, although you may answer that question) but was it clear from the start that you would take over the vocal parts or have you and the band considered to find a new singer? Being honest, after I’ve seen Izegrim live with the new line – up at the 013 I do not have the idea that much have changed when it comes to the music.

Yes, it was clear from the start that I would take over the vocals. I already took care of the backing vocals, so it was a logical step that I’m taking care of all the vocal duties, now that Kristien left us in august 2008. You’ve seen us in 013 and it’s obvious nothing has changed when it comes to the music. We’ve played our “old” songs there. I think when you will hear our new MCD you will hear changes in the music.

How did the public and the media react on the news that Kristien had left the band? She was very visual on stage and when Izegrim started all those years ago she was one of the few women in Holland who actually could grunt and sound like a man. Most front women in Holland go the Within Temptation way and try to sound like Kate Bush.

I thought there would come a lot of reactions on her decision but there were only a few. Most people stepped over it. Probably busy with other things.

Since all the songs were written while Kristien was still in the band, was it necessary to adapt them to your voice and the way you sing?

Nope, I’ve taken over all the lines. And with grunting it doesn’t matter if you sing high or low 🙂

Most people seem to forget that Izegrim also have a new drummer.

I’m glad you mention Ivo!! We are very pleased that he joined Izegrim. Ivo is our youngest member but he´s a hell of a drummer. With his style we’ve got a lot of opportunities for new material.

You guys are still in the middle of the Jägermeister tour but are you already working on new songs now you have a new line- up?

The Jägertour has come to an end but we did work on new songs. As I told you, we are in the middle of the recordings for our MCD right now. We want to let everybody know and hear what Izegrim is now.

And, do you think Izegrim is going to change with you as new singer?

Izegrim is going to change and not only because I’m the new singer. With our drummer Ivo we’ve got a lot of new possibilities and we will use it. We are very motivated to make new songs and to do gigs.

The last question, Are there things that we should know that I haven’t asked?

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