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Interview by Matteo Bussotti

It is always a pleasure when an important name in the music industry comes back to the scenes after years of retirement. It’s Morgana Delaude‘s case: Morgana‘s singer is back with a new fresh, powerful album (and another one arriving “Mayan prophecy allowing” she said). It was my honour to interview her and listen from her what she thinks about music nowadays, from a detached point of view of someone who’s seen lots of things in this ambient.

First of all, Morgana, introduce yourself to our (and your) fans, would you?

45, female, Caucasian…oh no, it looks more like my autopsy.. I start singing I was only 16 in a metal band called Damnath. After its split I joined the thrash band Jester Beast. I went out from this to experience a darkest project I called Hurtful Witch. We recorded a demo called “Spectra”. In 1988 I formed Morgana.

Tell us, how did Morgana form? What’s your story?

Morgana was born as band but, very soon it turned into a solo project. In 1988 my first EP called simply “Morgana”. The line up changed so many times I can barely remember all my band mates. In 1991 I recorded my last full length in Germany and I simply decided to shut down with music. I was really disappointed and tired to fight against labels and managers and so on.

Yours is a very peculiar album, it merges different musical genres, from rock to metal, to, I think, soul. At least, for me your voice is very near to the Soul or Blues genre, especially in some tracks. Where does this uniqueness come from? What’s the creative process behind this “fusion”?

I come from Blues and Hard Rock. My fav singers were Janis Joplin, Bette Middler, Gillan, Plant and so on. I start to sing under their influence and they really touched my heart.

The first and last track, “Alive” and “…And kickin'” looks like a quote from the famous band Mr.Big to me. In addition, we find a very unusual cover (very well made, I have to say) for a hard-rock/metal band like yours: “Bang Bang” by Sonny Bono. Why the choice of putting all this “tributes” to different bands? They’re just “quotes” or do they have a special meaning for you, or for your band in general?

Honestly I don’t know the Mr. Big song you’re talking about…sorry… About “Bang Bang”, it’s a song that belongs to my childhood. It was written in 1969 and it brings me back so many memories… my parents use to play the Italian version on this song on their record player! I simply love it.

Is there a special meaning behind the album’s title: “Rose of Jericho”?

The rose of Jericho is a shrub from desert origin and it’s called “the resurrection tree” because it can live up to 25/30 years apparently dead. A sole drop of water brings it back to life. This shrub it’s me. After 20 years of silence I am here again with a new album.

Your musical genre is not very famous among the young people. In fact, we can say it’s definitely not “mainstream”. Also the young musicians decide too often to take the “commercial” path, the easy one, instead of a more personal, complex one. What do you think? How can we change this trend? What’s the reason behind this “victory” of the easy listening music against a more powerful (also emotionally) one?

Ideas impoverishment? Money? Anything runs fast, anything must be simply ready to be swallowed up in a moment. New generations seem to live trapped in a virtual life, unable to feel what’s real and what’s fugitive. There’s no place for real emotions because it takes too much energy maybe…

Also, nowadays, too many singers or band decide to put the stress on their “extravaganza” (like, speaking only about clothing, Lady Gaga), without a solid technical background. Is there really such a lack of technical effort and practice nowadays? Does music look so “simple” to boys and girls? According to your personal experience, what do you think?

We do live in an historical moment where there’s a chronic lack of contents. That’s a fact! Take a look to TV talent shows. It seems to be a chance for any looser, for any ungifted nerdy. All these false chances bring money…any boy and girl identify themselves in this people..they say “I can do it”… it sells pretty good…

What is the future of music, in your opinion? Will there still be physical supports (CDs), or will it be completely digital, and totally integrated with internet, maybe social network-based?

Heaven knows…Digital I suppose but, I’m pretty sure that the socials will play an important role in the business. Now a days socials are the best place to promote any kind of artistic project.

Talking about social networks, how do you approach to your fans?

Every day I receive tons of friendship asks on my personal profile. People search for Roberta Delaude and not Morgana. People read my posts and watch my personal pics and after this go to our fan page. We all “sell” little pieces of our life to promote our music. It sounds cynic but that’s the way it works around here…

What was the best moment in your career, and what you hope to get to, or where?

Believe it or not but, my best moments were after live shows. People come to congratulate and they want you to autograph your last album or shot a picture with you. It gives me the strength to carry on such difficult world no pro music biz is. I don’t have hopes. I did my time, I had beautiful moments and I had tears of joy and tears of pain and disillusion. I just want to taste a little more of it for a little more time.

In your opinion, what is that distinguish the italian musical scene from the others in the world?

Don’t ask me..there’s a total lack of place to perform, no financial incentive for musicians, no music culture at school. It’s a hard place to be a rockstar! We are millions miles away from other European countries that support artists and their ideas.

Any project as a band for the future?

We are working on a new album out in 2013 Mayan prophecy allowing…

Thank you for your answers!

Thanx to you all!



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