Interview : Niels Vejlyt & Ian Perry – Infinity Overture (2009)




Interview by Marcy Bell

A new band from Denmark is carrying new good symphonic Power Metal waves. That’s Infinity Overture with their new album “Kingdom Of Utopia”. We have the pleasure to talk with guitarist Niels and vocalist Ian about the band and about this new project.

What does your name, “Infinity Overture”, mean?

Niels: Hi Marcy, The name is inspired of the classical approach to the music, but roughly it just means infinity introduction to a piece of music.

Can we consider “Kingdom of Utopia” a concept album?

Niels: Yes, Ian came up with the story for the lyrics.

Where did you get the inspiration to write the songs? What is the message inside it?

Niels: I get inspiration to write music from listening to other bands, and art and films. The message in the music is mainly to express drama, romanticism and mood.

What is your “Kingdom of Utopia”? Where is it? Do you find in nowadays life a Kingdom of Utopia?

Niels: I think that question is maybe better for Ian, since he wrote the lyrics.

How did you make Infinity Overture project alive?

Niels: When I started the recordings for the album, it was a project to get great musicians play my music, but now I have gathered a fantastic band who plays live, it has been a long journey, and we are only just at beginning.

Do you think in Northern Europe there is a special interest about the so called metal-symphonic and power-metal wave? I mean, there are a lot of good groups coming from there… What do you think about the scenario?

Niels: To me it seems that a lot of power metal bands are from South Europe, whereas Symphonic metal is also from Northern Europe. I like a lot of progressive bands from Sweden and Norway, and of course USA, and also Death and Black metal from Sweden and Eastern Europe. In general I think there is a lot of great metal in all the sub genres.

How did you get involved in Infinity Overture’s project?

Ian: Back in 2005 Niels contacted me via MySpace and asked if I would be interested to work on lyrics and vocal melodies and then record lead and harmony vocals for his new songs. I loved the melodic style he’d composed and then came up the idea of writing a concept story, which I could base my lyrics around.

Besides singing as male lead vocals what was it you contributed in the band?

Ian: I sent Niels my lyrical concept story which he thought was cool and so I would record vocals at my studio at home, send an MP3 file. Once Niels confirmed he really liked the vocal melodies I would move onto the next song and that is how we did this debut Infinity Overture album.

Did you write any songs, didn’t you?

Ian: Only the lyrics, vocal melodies and the concept story for the album. Niels wrote all the music.

Can you still combine your other projects along with Infinity Overture?

Ian: Working this way was easy to combine my other projects like Consortium which I was working on at the time. Actually having working with Niels on Infinity Overture I then asked him to perform live with Consortium Project.

Who entered in the band after you? How much important is having a female front girl in a band like yours?

Ian: Later Niels brought Lene Petersen into IO which in my opinion was a great move and her voice works perfect with my heavy approach and we seem to compliment each other.



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